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folies travel mouscron petite rue If you have played a lot of Farmville then this has probably happened to you at least once. You get busy with real life, work, or go on vacation then return to the game only to discover all your crops have withered. The results can be devastating: in addition to the lost coins, there’s also lost time, which can be especially painful if you’re growing long-term crops like Yellow Melons or Red Wheat. Up until now, you simply had to plow under the crops and start again, perhaps reminding yourself to set a calendar alarm next time.

lenen ru groningen But now Farmville has answered the problem with a new item called Unwithers. This is an item you can buy in the market for 10 Farmville cash (about $6 in real money). You get a 3-pack of unwithers, and each one will completely restore your entire farm, reviving withered crops. A nice touch is that you can also use it on your neighbor’s farm. Is it worth $2 a shot. We don’t know for sure. It all depends on how much you value your time and Farmville coins.

Farmville Unwithers

åpen brannstasjon asker Unwithers revive an entire farm's worth of crops.

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