Farmville Super Pumpkins

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super pumpkins in FarmVille

tiles art design see These pumpkins really are super.

A special new crop has arrived in Farmville for a limited time only. Super Pumpkins are available only for players who become fans of Farmville on Facebook. The new seeds will be available for planting through the end of the month only. They’re a pretty impressive crop with some of the best statistics in the game. They have the best net profit per hour of any crop (almost twice as much as peas!) and they earn XP at a rate equivalent to all the berry crops. Bottom line: if you’re serious about earning coins and XP, become a Farmville fan now and start planting super pumpkins every four hours until they go away!

Here is a look at some of the data.

  • Cost: 30 coins
  • Sell for: 100 coins
  • XP: 1
  • Harvest Time: 4 hours
  • Gross Profit: 70 coins
  • Net Profit (includes plow cost): 55 coins
  • Net Profit per Hour: 14 coins
  • XP per hour (including plowing): 0.5

It’s too early to get full Crop Mastery data on the pumpkins, but it appears that you can earn mastery in this crop. The first star requires 1,250 harvests.

super pumpkins in farmville

Now that's a SUPER pumpkin!


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