Farmville Roses for Valentine’s Day lufthavne i europa 1

glenwood hot springs There are three new seeds as part of the Farmville Valentine’s Day specials. These three new roses are only available for the next 11 days and you cannot earn Crop Mastery for them. But they’re extremely good seeds to get and very profitable both for coins and XP. The Fire & Ice Roses, which are only available to players who are level 35 and above, are by far the most profitable crops in the game, with a stunning Net Profit per hour of 11.56 coins and will earn 0.25 XP per hour, which is among the best rates in the game. The White Roses, which don’t have the same level requirement, are not too shabby either. They have a net profit of 8.04 coins per hour and will earn you 0.17 XP per hour. The bottom line is that for the next 11 days, these are the plants you want to grow, even without the Crop Mastery gains.

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  1. What is the name of Fire & Ice Roses, White Rose and Yellow Rose in the database or if add it to Seedlist.txt. tnx. I tried Fire&IceRoses but aint working…tnx.

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