Farmville Hay Bale Trap Trick

gamecube memory card 8 the vampire diaries season 7 Here’s one of the easiest and most useful dagens nyheter senaste nytt there Farmville cheats you can do. You can trap your farmer inside other objects to keep him from walking around. This will speed up all of your plowing, harvesting, planting and other activities because your farmer will no longer walk from place to place first. Creating the trap is easy to do and many different objects will work. The most popular option seems to be eksplosion i kina hay bales.

bild jewel academy To set the trap, place three hay bales together with a space in the middle and one side of the trap left open. Then click to the empty space in the middle to get your farmer to walk inside. Once your farmer is in place, close the trap by placing the fourth hay bale. To make this even more effective, create the trap around the exact center of your farm. This is where you usually begin when you log into the game. That way, you won’t need to reset the trap each time you play.

Trap your farmer inside four hay bales to speed up plowing and harvesting.

schif asot 7 Trap your farmer inside four hay bales to speed up plowing and harvesting.

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  1. If your farmer is trapped, you can get 4 of 5 plots fertliized by neighbors. Here is a way around it if your friends are willing. When they fertize 4 plots, they click the sign post in the upper right-ish header. When the window appears for the friend to write a message, they click X – they don’t leave a message. Then they can use the 5th bag of fertilizer. This trick beta into thinking the farmer moved.

  2. it also works good, and saves you 200 coins if you trap them in a corner, you only need to buy two hay bails this way and works just as good =)

  3. Kelly Crutcher on

    I trap my farmer with everything possible but she still escapes on me. Is there any way to get this cheat to work?

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