Farming Balog for Tokens in Dungeon Boss


With the Balog Barbarian Event running full swing this weekend in Dungeon Boss, it’s time to get busy with farming for tokens. Whether you’re trying to earn the 30 tokens necessary to unlock him or the 70 to earn him an extra star, there are a lot of reasons to spend time grinding away in the event dungeons.

You can farm any stage for which you have a high enough level to access, but because stages 1 and 2 only have a 3-point stamina requirement, they’re ideal for playing repeatedly. Here are guides to farming those two levels.

Barbarian Hordes: 1

Barbarian Hordes: 1 is filled with Fire and Dark minions including the Autumn Prophet (a healer), Bonfire Squires Dangon Lantern Samurai, and Soulfire Ninjas. In addition to the Balog tokens that you can get from the boss chest, you’ll have a chance to earn Fire Evo Larva and Dark Evo Larva along the way.

The recommended hero level in 11, and you should be able to farm this stage repeatedly with a group of heroes in the 15-20 range, or with any group of 9-12 heroes with at least one level 25+ to tag along and lay down some heavy damage. Ideally, go with a level 25+ hero with some sort of multi-target attack, such as Rogar Stonecrusher’s Whirlwind ability. This will help clear out the rooms quickly.

Dungeon Boss - Farming Balog Stage 1

The dungeon consists of four rooms and the ideal party will include some Water heroes to take out the many Fire minions you’ll face.

In the final boss fight, Balog is a level 11 slow warrior tank. He’s got the Frenzy ability, which increases his CRIT chance, and he’s armored, meaning he takes less damage from physical attacks. But since you’re farming, you should be able to one-shot him with a high-enough level hero. A level 25+ Lady Nimriel should be able to take him out with one use of her Get Over Here special attack, especially given her boosted damage versus tanks.

So what’s the loot like? We ran through Barbarian Hordes: 1 a total of ten times, and got the following:

  • 2 Wooden Chests (no Balog tokens)
  • 2 Silver Chests (no Balog tokens)
  • 6 Golden Chests (1 Balog token each)

Maybe we got a little lucky with 6 Golden chests, but we’ll take it! Although the sample size is small, it looks like the Balog tokens have a 60% drop rate.

We also got 2 Treasure Rooms on the run.

Barbarian Hordes: 2

Farming Stage 2 is ideal if you have heroes in the level 25-30 range. The stage is perfect for Nature Element heroes. Although Balog himself is a Dark Element boss, all of the minions you’ll face in this stage are from the Water element. A team of four Nature heroes will make quick work of the dungeon. In this tutorial video, we assembled Willow Swift, Tsume, Chief NubNub, and Jabber Clenchjaw.

Dungeon Boss - Farming Balog Stage 2

No matter which heroes you pick, you’re going to want to be able to deal serious damage. The minions in this stage are all tanks or warriors, and can take a lot of hits. You’ll be facing Marshland Barbarians, Tidespear Scrapers, Marshland Tribals, Icethorn Squires, Brutis Forgetakers, and of course Balog himself. This time, he’s level 21. Watch out for the Thunder Shout ability in his arsenal. This special attack knocks everyone down and has a chance to silence its target.

We ran this stage 10 times and got the following loot:

  • 4 Wooden Chests (no Balog tokens)
  • 6 Silver Chests (1 Balog token token)
  • 0 Golden Chests

Hmmm, a 60% drop rate for Balog tokens on this stage as well. There was also a single Treasure Room on this run.


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