Fallout Shelter

http://thinsix.download/2018 learn english grammar Fallout Shelter is a new iOS game available from Bethesda Softworks. It is a resource management game set in a fictional 1950’s post-apocalyptic setting and is very loosely based on the Fallout series of games from Bethesda. It’s getting great reviews and racing up the charts. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on playing the game with lots of montana tv møbel there Fallout Shelter cheats, tips, strategies and help.

napoleon gasgrills im test Your role is the “Overseer” of the vault and in this job you control what rooms are build inside and where the residents (known as “dwellers”) work. As Overseer, you need to pay careful attention to how the vault is progressing. You need to keep the vault well-resourced and your dwellers happy in order to survive deep underground.

Can I play Fallout Shelter on Android?

schoenen antistatisch maken there At the moment, Fallout Shelter is only available for play on iOS devices. But Bethesda confirmed that an Android version is coming. It’s due out in a few months.

What do I do with resources?

annual reward night ideas go Fallout Shelter is all about managing your main resources: food, water and power. You need adequate amounts of all three of these resources to keep your Vault humming along.

psykiatrisk afdeling kolding Food is pretty self-explanatory. Your vault dwellers need to eat in order to stay healthy and alive. If you start to run low on food, your dwellers will run low on health, and that’s not a good thing.

http://weddingexpect.life machines café san remo Water is needed to avoid radiation damage from the Wasteland. Clean water is essential to healthy living underground!

http://neckear.xyz/2018/08 relaties in de bourgogne Power keeps your vault operating efficiently. If you run low on power, your rooms will begin shutting down. For this reason, power is your most important resource. When other rooms shut down, they in turn “go dark” and stop producing resources, creating kind of a chain reaction.

jack mono stereo here Each resource has a meter at the top of your screen. Keep your resources ahead of the lines on each meter to maintain happiness in the vault.

How can I rush resource production?

make up doos suprise link Resources are produced over time. The amount of time it takes to produce each batch of resources depends on the number and level of dwellers that you have assigned to the room. Click on the room and then look at the bottom of the screen to see how much time is left until the next batch of resources from that room will be produced.

pretzel in bangalore If you don’t want to (or can’t) wait that long, tap on the RUSH icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see the rewards you’ll earn in addition to the resources (CAPS and XP), along with the percentage chance of causing an incident. Tap on Activate to rush production.

http://anyfood.site/2018/08 vakantie ghana rondreis If all goes well, you’ll get your resources and rewards in a few seconds. If not, an incident will occur, such as a fire or RadRoach infestation. Even worse, the production clock will reset and you’ll have to start over for your resources in this room. Hey, we have to take chances here in the underground!

tampa bay buccaneers roster see Note that you cannot rush production in any room of your vault while there’s an incident in progress (fire, RadRoach infestation, Raider attack).

Fallout Shelter - Rush Production

http://rushfloat.site/2018 new york skyline 1970 Click on the RUSH icon to speed up production in this power plant.

How do I increase happiness?

prince eugene of savoy watch Overall happiness in your vault is critical to success. In general, dwellers become happy or sad depending on where you assign them. Click on any dweller’s profile to see whether they are happy or sad. Happy dwellers produce resources faster and contribute to the overall efficiency of your vault.

scoop models københavn here If your dweller is unhappy, re-assign them to another room based on their SPECIAL profile (see below).

How do dweller specialties work?

billiardstel einer einheit 5 buchstaben click Each dweller in your vault has his or her own stats, which can be remembered using the acronym SPECIAL:

getriebe clou 1300 there fire bhopal news S (trength)
P (erception)
E (ndurance)
C (harisma)
I (ntelligence)
A (gility)
L (uck)

Although many dwellers will have a pretty even distribution of stats, some dwellers will have very high scores for one or more of the SPECIAL attributes. In those cases, be sure to assign dwellers to rooms that make use of those particular stats. For example, dwellers who have high scores in Strength are best suited to working in power stations, while those with high scores in Agility should be assigned to food preparation rooms like Diners or Restaurants.

How do dweller levels work?

As the game progresses, your dwellers can earn experience (XP) and “level up.” They earn XP while working in production rooms or exploring the Wasteland.

As a dweller increases in level, he or she increases overall health. Simply put, the higher the level of the dweller, the higher their health. And of course, high health makes your dweller more resistant to disasters, such as RadRoach or Raider attacks. Dead dwellers aren’t much fun.

Another concept that’s important is dweller rarity. Most of your dwellers are common, meaning that they start at low levels and have relatively common SPECIAL stats. But you can receive rare and even legendary dwellers in lunchbox rewards. These dwellers start at much higher levels and have much more impressive SPECIAL stats.

What are CAPS? How do I earn them?

CAPS (which look like bottle caps) are the main currency for Fallout Shelter. There are many different ways to earn them in the game, including:

  • Completing objectives
  • Finding them in the Wasteland with explorers
  • Lunchboxes
  • Selling unwanted gear from storage
  • Leveling up your dwellers

What are the different rooms I can build in Fallout Shelter?

There are several different rooms that you can build in the game. To construct a room, click on the hammer icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. From there, choose a room based on your needs. Most rooms only unlock once you have a certain total number of dwellers in your vault. Each room also makes use of a specific atrtibute (remember the SPECIAL acronym), and putting dwellers in the right rooms makes them happy and contributes to the overall happiness rating of your vault.

  • Living Quarters – Charisma
  • Power Generator – Strength
  • Diner – Agility
  • Water Treatment – Perception
  • Storage Room – Endurance
  • Medbay – Intelligence
  • Science Lab
  • Radio Studio
  • Weight Room
  • Athletics Room
  • Armory
  • Classroom
  • Fitness Room
  • Lounge
  • Game Room
  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Garden
  • Water Purification
  • Nuka-Cola Bottler

How can I upgrade and combine rooms in the vault?

You can upgrade the rooms that you construct by tapping on them and then tapping on the arrow in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Room upgrades cost CAPS to complete and each room can be upgraded twice. Upgraded rooms produce more resources.

You can also merge rooms, which allows you to assign more dwellers to them and makes them much more efficient. You can merge up to three rooms of the same type by building them next to each other.

Rooms must be of the same level to merge. So if you’ve already upgraded one room and build another next to it, you must upgrade the second room to the same level before it will merge with the first one.

Fallout Shelter - Merged Rooms

You can combine up to three rooms of the same type and level into one, like this water treatment facility.

What are storage rooms? Why would I build one?

Storage rooms are used to increase your weapon and outfit inventory space. In the beginning of the game, they’re not particularly necessary, but as you progress and accumulate more stuff, storage rooms can come in very handy.

In addition to storing stuff, these rooms can store people. If all your other rooms are full, you can place dwellers in here to keep them occupied until new rooms are built.

How do I get more dwellers into my vault?

As long as there is living space available in your vault, new dwellers will arrive at your vault door from time to time. There are two things you can do to speed this up: build a radio room and make babies (see below).

When you build a radio room and staff it, it will send out a call for new dwellers from time to time. With each call, there’s a chance of a new dweller arriving at your doorstep. If the timer in the radio room reaches zero with no response, it will restart automatically.

Dwellers with a high charisma score will help speed up the timer and increase the chances of attracting more dwellers to your vault. You can also merge the radio room to make it larger and increase your chances of attracting additional dwellers.

How do I make babies?

(Uncomfortable pause). Er, um, yeah…I didn’t know we’d have to cover this in a game guide. But yes, making babies in Fallout Shelter is an important part of the game. If you place both a male and a female dweller in one of the living areas, there’s a chance that they’ll hit it off (they do seem to deliver a lot of pick-up lines while they’re in there) and disappear into the bedroom to place a phone call to the stork for a special delivery.

Pregnant dwellers take a while to have their babies and the babies will wait to be born until there is available space in your vault.

Once the baby is born, you’ll get a new child in your vault and after some time, that child will grow up to become a new dweller that you can put to work. Sorry, I guess child labor laws apply even in the post-apocalypse.

What happens in the Wasteland?

The Wasteland is the area outside of your vault. Why would you ever want to leave the safe confines of your happy and secure home underground?

Well, sending brave dwellers out into the nasty void of the Wasteland can bring you some important gains. Dwellers who go out exploring risk life and limb, but the can find CAPS, earn XP, and even discover weapons and outfits. The longer and further they head out exploring, the most valuable items they’ll discover, but the danger and difficulty of their journey will increase as well.

To send a dweller out, drag them outside your vault. Be sure to equip them with the best weapons, outfit, and gear that you have (send them with Stimpaks and RadAways!)

Keep an eye on your explorers. You can check on their progress to see a log of everything they’ve encountered and done. If they’re weak and low on health, bring them home!

If your dweller expires out there in the Wasteland (hey, it happens), they can be revived using CAPS.

Fallout Shelter Wasteland

The Wasteland isn’t a very appealing place to visit, but you can send Explorers out to collect valuable items and gear.

Fire! Fire!

Every once in a while, fire will break out in one of your rooms. This can happen randomly or as a result of an attempt to rush production that has failed. In either case, the important part is quick response. Any workers in the room at the time will produce fire extinguishers and attempt to put out the fire.

However, the longer it takes, the greater the chance of the fire spreading to adjacent rooms. And then things can quickly get out of hand.

It helps to pick up and drag other dwellers to assist with fire extinguishing duties. Once the fire is put out, they’ll return to their regular jobs.

Fallout Shelter - Fire

Dwellers will equip themselves with extinguishers and attempt to put out any fires.

Ugh! RadRoaches. Gross!

A RadRoach infestation is a bit like a fire and can break out at any time. Drop armed dwellers into the infested area to fight off these disgusting critters before they spread to other areas of the vault.

Oh no! Raider attack! What do I do?

Every once in a while, armed and dangerous raiders from the Wasteland will invade your vault. They go from room to room, attacking your dwellers and stealing your resources. They must be stopped!

Here’s where having dwellers equipped with weapons and armor really comes in handy. When the alarms go off and raiders attack, pick up and drag your armed dwellers and drop them in your top-left room (this is where the raiders will first attack).

Your dwellers will fight the raiders for a while (about 20-30 seconds), and hopefully may even kill some of them. After a short fight, the raiders will advance to the next room. Here’s the important part: pick up and drag your fighting dwellers to the next room. They won’t automatically follow the raiders. Repeat this until all the raiders have been killed and peace and safety has been restored.

Your “fighter” dwellers will return to their normal rooms once the attack is over.

You can upgrade your vault entrance to delay the raiders and place armed guard dwellers in this room to prevent them from getting deeper inside your vault.

Raider Attack in Fallout Shelter

A well-armed and outfitted dweller can take on a raider attack.

My dweller died? What do I do?

Hey, it happens. Dwellers kick the bucket when they run out of health, which can happen due to sickness or an attack on your vault. The best approach is of course to prevent them from dying by giving them either a Stimpak to heal them or a RadAway to remove radiation. But sometimes they just, well, die. And the last thing you need is a stinky corpse lying around in your vault.

Click on the dead dweller and either revive them by spending CAPS or remove the body from the vault. Note that higher level dwellers cost more CAPS to revive, so unfortunately you might need to let the body lie there a while. Ewww! Gross.

Fallout Shelter - Dead Diner

Was it the food?

How do objectives work?

Objectives are simple tasks that you will be rewarded for completing. There are always three objectives available at any given time and you can see them by clicking on the ribbon icon in your main menu (click on the radio icon in the bottom-right).

Objectives range from very simple to very complex and the rewards are appropriate to the difficulty in achieving them. Most objectives provide CAPS upon completion, but several others provide lunchboxes, which can contain very valuable rewards.

If you think your current objectives are too difficult, you can cancel them for new ones. You’re allowed to cancel one objective per day and replace it with another. To do this, click on the x in the upper-left corner of the objective box.

What’s the daily report?

Every day you get a report based on the overall happiness of your vault. Your vault rating is calculated as the combined sum of the happiness of all the dwellers residing in your vault.

You’ll earn a reward based on the overall vault rating that you receive. Higher ratings earn bonus CAPS.

If you play for 7 days, you’ll earn a lunchbox as a reward.

How do I improve my dwellers?

Your dwellers will level up and gain more health by earning XP in the various production rooms of your vault. But you can also improve the stats that your dwellers possess in two ways: equipment and training rooms.


Certain outfits increase different statistics. You can access all your available outfits by clicking on the storage icon from the main menu. You’ll get a list of both the weapons and the outfits that you have available.

Training rooms

As your vault gets bigger, you’ll unlock special training rooms. Placing dwellers in these rooms will increase their SPECIAL stats. Each stat has its own specific training room:

  • Strength – Weight Room
  • Perception – Armory
  • Endurance – Fitness Room
  • Charisma – Lounge
  • Intelligence – Classroom
  • Agility – Athletics Room
  • Luck – Game Room

You can train dwellers in each stat until they score a 10. It takes more time to train each stat as it gets higher. Also, placing multiple dwellers in the same training room together lowers the rate of increase for each of them.

How do I get lunchboxes?

Lunchboxes contain a lot of special rewards and prizes in the form of cards. You get four Fallout Shelter cards in each luchbox. The prizes you earn from the cards always include CAPS, but can also give you additional dwellers, weapons, outfits and resources. In addition, the rewards can be common, rare or legendary. Every lunchbox contains at least one rare item or dweller.

You can earn lunchboxes from completing certain objectives, especially in the beginning of the game. Afterwards, the only reliable way to get more lunchboxes is to purchase them in the shop. The prices range from $0.99 for a single lunchbox all the way up to a whopping 40 lunchboxes for $19.99.