Dungeon Boss Warrior’s Arena Event

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marins cala nau check There’s a new event this weekend in Dungeon Boss called the Warrior’s Arena. Obviously, it focuses on heroes of the Warrior class, who receive a 25% boost to their attack and health ratings during the event. The event includes four dungeons of increasing difficulty, and only warrior heroes can be in your party when playing these special event dungeons.

http://donear.site/2018 dieren met de n In addition to the special event dungeons, certain warrior heroes including Yokozuna, Balog and Sifu Jianzhi will have a much higher chance of appearing during a heroic portal summons.

under armour løbesko click The four event dungeons are as follows. They increase in difficulty from Easy to Very Hard.

  • Ring of Greatness (E)
  • Ring of Honor (M)
  • Ring of Heroes (H)
  • Ring of Pain (VH)

bright smile online You’ll be limited to using only Warrior class heroes in this event, which include:

  • Tsume
  • Samurai Takumi
  • Mangle Jaw
  • Squinch
  • Bovus El Doro
  • Life Reaper Brom
  • Jabber Clenchjaw
  • Rogar Stonecrusher
  • King Yorick
  • Sifu Jianzhi
  • Balog
  • Yokozuna
  • Overlord Executum
  • Abigail the Brutal
  • Lupina
  • Zurk
  • Dhaegon Stonecrusher
  • Augustus

kamat goa hotel That’s obviously a lot of choices to bring with you into battle. Since you’ll also be facing a lot of warrior enemies, Squinch is a great choice. Regardless of what you normally think of Squinch as a hero, his Warrior Hunter ability (boosted damage vs. other warriors) gives him a huge bonus during this event. In addition, you’ll be facing Balog as the main boss in the event dungeons, and Squinch’s Challenge Accepted ability (boosted damage vs. taunting enemies) creates a powerful 1-2 punch when taking down Balog.

high availability azure You’ll earn a lot of Balog tokens during this event. His tokens drop daily for all but the final event dungeon, which provides Yokozuna tokens. Several of the quests provide additional Balog tokens for multiple completions of the event dungeons as well.

How to 3-Star Ring of Pain

livmor trekker seg sammen watch The Ring of Pain dungeon, rated as (VH) or Very Hard is in fact a little easier than it sounds. There are many different combinations of warrior heroes that you can bring with you into the event. Most winning combinations involve bringing along Augustus, but there’s also at least one combination of heroes you can use effectively if you don’t have him. Here are a few of our favorites:

saltest water lakes in india sprachliche mittel tabelle view With Augustus:

  • Bovus El Doro, Yokozuna, Overlord Executum, Augustus
  • Bovus El Doro, Yokozuna, Tsume, Augustus
  • Bovus El Doro, Life Reaper Brom, Augustus, Yokozuna

hotel germano bardolino watch den thailandske ambassade there Without Augustus:

  • Bovus El Doro, Yokozuna, Squinch, Tsume

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