Dungeon Boss Chapter 5 Walkthrough

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http://meanpull.live/2018 good in japanese language Ah, Dungeon Boss Chapter 5. This is the first chapter in the game that most players have trouble with, due to the epic dungeon at the end of the chapter, Reflection Halls. It’s the battle with the notorious Kang Kung, a giant two-headed abominable snowman creature that will give you a lot of problems unless you come prepared with the right party of heroes to battle him.

But more on Kang Kung in a moment. First, let’s take a look at all the dungeons and bosses that you’ll face in this chapter of Dungeon Boss.

  • Crimson Woods
  • War Torn Village
  • Jade Forest
  • Mystic Vale
  • Shogunate Fortress
  • Silent Cavern
  • Timeless Frost
  • Spirit’s Rest
  • Frozen Wastes
  • Reflection Halls

Here’s the full video walkthrough for Chapter 5 of Dungeon Boss, including the epic final battle with Kang Kung.


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