Dungeon Boss Chapter 4 Walkthrough


In Chapter 4 of Dungeon Boss, you’ll adventure through seven different zones, which include The Land Beneath, Beastmen Village, Magma Fields, Icy Core, Mercenary Fortress, Shimmering Cave, and Icy Hollow. As you explore through the zones in this chapter, you’ll fight the following bosses:

  • Avaricious Snork
  • Merciless Argor
  • Yirishi Reborn
  • Urg Underbite
  • General Raza
  • Nargle Slipjaw
  • Yirishi Reborn (again)

Urg Underbite, Nargle Slipjaw and Yirishi Reborn are Water element bosses, giving your Nature heroes a chance to shine. Avaricious Snork and General Raza are Fire element, and Merciless Argor is Shadow. Take a peek at the video for the complete walkthrough of Chapter 4 in Dungeon Boss.


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