Dungeon Boss Chapter 3 Walkthrough


There are even more dungeons to explore and loot in Chapter 3 of Dungeon Boss. With just five zones in the chapter, it’s one of the shortest in the game (although it looks pretty big on the map). You’ll start with three ice areas: Frostridge Pass, Permafrost Mines, and the Bonechilled Quarry. Afterwards, you’ll take on the Runeforge and then Stonehelm Citadel.

Once again, here is a list of the zones in the chapter:

  1. Frostridge Pass
  2. Permafrost Mines
  3. Bonechilled Quarry
  4. The Runeforge
  5. Stonehelm Citadel

The bosses you’ll face include:

  1. Bonepile Giant (1-star, Water) – Note that there are three of them at once.
  2. Norgen Hillwatch (3-star, Water)
  3. Morogar Championfoot (3-star, Dark)
  4. Tiny (3-star, Light)
  5. Rukas Grimbelly (3-star, Dark)

Chapter 3 Strategy and Tips

The strategy for Chapter 3 largely depends on the zone. The first three zones are all Water, so bringing a team of Nature heroes will certainly help. Zones 1 and 2 feature Water bosses, while the third zone has a Dark boss (Morogar Championfoot). If you have a high-level Light hero, it pays to bring him or her along for this zone.

The last two zones are mostly Fire and Water minions with a Light and Dark boss, respectively. The final boss is Rukas Grimbelly, a 3-star Dark boss. For the final zone, which spans five rooms, you’ll want two Nature heroes to handle the minions, plus one Light hero to finish the boss. Masuta Kira, who is only available from Heroic Summons, is the ideal hero for this stage due to his Light element and his Pwn Undead attribute. He’ll make quick work of the Frozen Bones minions while your Nature heroes can concentrate on the dwarf warriors.

Dungeon Boss Chapter 3 Final Boss Fight

In the final fight, Rukas will summon three Frozen Bones skeletons to defend him. This is where Masuta Kira’s ability, Death Blossom, really comes in handy. Use it to dispatch the skeletons and then focus everyone’s fire on Rukas.



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