Dungeon Boss Chapter 2 Walkthrough


The Dungeon Boss adventure continues with Chapter 2. There are eight different zones in this chapter, and the recommended level for each ranges from level 6 to level 8. On your first run through, you’ll probably have added a few new heroes to the mix. A solid party for first-time players would include heroes like Willow Swift, Yasmin Bloom and of course, good old Rogar Stonecrusher.

In this walkthrough, we took on the minions and bosses with three Nature element heroes, Tsume, Jabber Clenchjaw and Chief NubNub. Going with three Nature heroes isn’t normally recommended due to the powerful Fire bosses you’ll encounter, but we were “cheating” a bit by going with Chief NubNub at level 17 to keep the other heroes in good health.

The different areas you’ll visit in Chapter 2 are:

  1. Molten Burrows
  2. Steaming Wasteland
  3. Empty Cages
  4. Scorched Homestead
  5. Lake of Slag
  6. Mage Tower
  7. Pillar of Command
  8. Throne of Ash

The bosses that you’ll fight in this chapter are:

  1. Terragor (2-star, Fire) – This brazen monster’s Triple Slam is especially grave for Nature Heroes.
  2. Jord the Twisted (2-star, Nature) – His ability to heal himself whilst dealing damage makes for an arduous battle.
  3. Taskmaster Girr (2-star, Nature) – A howl of rage confirms his ferocious temperament.
  4. Derrick the Foresaken (2-star, Dark) and Aldar the Mad (2-star, Light) – His fondness for Lifesteal hints at why one might foresake him.
  5. Plexor (3-star, Dark) – Enthusiast of black magic who has mastered the fearsome Lifesteal.
  6. Apprentice Volthael (3-star, Fire) – In addition to pyromancy, he can cast silence on all enemies at once.
  7. Lord Maulzenvar (2-star, Water) and Patches (2-star, Nature) – His Mystic Torrent sweeps every hero with spirit damage.
  8. General Eclipse (2-star, Fire) – It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a magnificent ice caster in tow.


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