Dungeon Boss Chapter 1 Walkthrough


Here is a complete walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Dungeon Boss. Chapter 1 is extremely easy and features six different zones, including Voiceless Hunters, Tangle of Claws, Catacombs of Muck, Feral Alliance and Bramblelurk Keep. Four of the zones are outdoor “forest” areas and you’ll have the chance to unlock some great hero tokens and many nature evos.

A lot of the bosses and minions are from the Nature element, meaning that fire heroes are your best bet. For your first run through of this chapter, you’ll be playing with Rogar Stonecrusher, the dwarf warrior, so you’re already off to a good start. In the walkthrough video below, we took two fire heroes: Lady Nimriel and Abigail the Brutal.

The bosses you’ll face in Chapter 1 include:

  1. Chompy (2-star, Nature) – Sickly looking beast who takes less damage from melee attacks.
  2. Jadehowl (2-star, Nature) – A snarling beast who snaps and gnashes at intrusive Heroes.
  3. Prunefingerz (2-star, Dark) – Always alert for possible things to smash. Doesn’t mind if the things protest.
  4. Kaptin Toecrusha (2-star, Light) and his pet Buttons (2-star, Fire) – He wouldn’t let a perfectly nice sword go to waste.
  5. Bahdizzle Shambottom (1-star, Light) – A fearsome manipulator of storms.
  6. Chief Jub-Jub (2-star, Nature) – His bad-guy wand looks super serious.


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