Don’t Fear the Reaper Event in Dungeon Boss


It’s all about Life Reaper Brom right now in Dungeon Boss. A new event, called Don’t Fear the Reaper is running in the game, giving you the chance to earn lots of tokens for this popular hero.

Normally, Life Reaper Brom tokens can only be earned in three dungeons: Throne of Ash, Lair of the Lich, and Creon’s Home. So this opportunity to earn a lot of hero tokens with special quests will be welcome for many players looking to improve their Life Reaper Brom hero.

There are no special dungeons for this event. All of the quests simply layer on top of existing dungeons in the game.

The event quests are:

  • Paying the Ferryman – collect 750,000 more gold. This applies to all gold collected in the game.
  • New Job Openings! – complete reaper-filled dungeons with Brom on your team.
  • Graveyard Shift – Kill wisps, which can be found in several dungeons. There are 5 stages of this quest.
  • Ringing the Bell – win 8 PVP raids with Life Reaper Brom on your team.

During the event, Life Reaper Brom is also featured in the Heroic Portal, meaning the chance of summoning him is much greater.

If you haven’t played much with Life Reaper Brom on your team, he’s a powerful undead dark hero. He features high attack and health scores, and has 99% immunity to both poison and disease. His signature ability is Doom Blade, an attack that hits all enemies at once.


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