oneerlijke concurrentie tennet glasvezel there Dominations is an epic game of strategy, exploration, advancement and conquest, developed by Big Huge Games and published by Nexon M. It was created by noted game designer, Brian Reynolds, who created Civilization II and Rise of Nations. In this game, which is available on both iOS and Android, you choose your nation from a list of some of the greatest and most powerful civilizations in history. You’ll guide your emerging empire to growth and conquest, and ultimately victory.

fredede bygninger i oslo there This detailed strategy guide will help both new players and pros with several Dominations cheats, tips and guides.

What are the Ages in Dominations?

vert lem saint etienne de montluc watch There are eight distinct Ages to advance through in the Domination game. The game begins in the Dawn Age and proceeds as follows:

  1. Dawn Age
  2. Stone Age
  3. Bronze Age
  4. Iron Age
  5. Classical Age
  6. Medieval Age
  7. Gunpowder Age
  8. Enlightenment Age

What Buildings can you construct in Dominations?

euro abgasnorm 6 view Like most games in its genre, Dominations is all about creating and maintaining a successful and self-sustaining capital city. Your capital city needs a healthy balance of economy, defense, and offensive production to thrive. Here is a detailed look at all the different buildings that you can produce in the game. jour de gloire lefebvre Buildings in Dominations



harvey x files Caravans travel the world and bring back gold. More caravans, more gold!

opskrift på kalvenyre The caravan is unlocked during the Bronze Age and it helps to generate valuable gold. Caravans produce gold passively (just like the Farm does with food) and do not require players to use citizens to harvest. Upgrades to caravans increase the amount of gold that they provide.

Farm cols et cotes cyclisme Hunting is great for a primitive society, but when you need a LOT of food, you’ll want to start farming.

hilse til bursdag med bilde The Farm is unlocked during the Bronze Age and it provides players with food. Just like the Caravans, Farms produce their rewards passively and players will not need to use citizens to harvest them. Upgrades to farms increase the amount of food that they produce.

Fruit Tree weignt of cedia Fruit trees – a cheap and convenient way to grow extra food!

allison pll 2017 visit Fruit Trees provide food for your capital city and must be harvested using citizens. The amount of time for the Fruit Tree to replenish begins at 10 minutes and increases each time you advance the game Age. In addition to producing valuable food, Fruit Trees have a chance to produce Cider, a trade good. You can greatly reduce the replenishment and collection times and increase the collection amount with the Hanging Gardens wonder.

Gold Mine boekenwinkel in de wolken voorburg There’s gold in them there hills! gratla med dagen Gold Mines produce gold for your capital city. The time is takes for them to replenish increases with each new Age in the game. When you put your citizens to work mining for gold, there’s a small chance that you’ll also uncover Iron, a valuable trade good. You can greatly reduce the replenishment and collection times and increase the collection amount with the Hanging Gardens wonder.


ristede mandler med lakrids Each house supports two citizens – so the more houses you have, the more things you can do at one time. personen henrik ibsen The House is one of the first buildings available in Dominations. You’ll build your first two houses using a Pile of Sticks, but subsequent houses must be purchased with gold. Each house can hold two citizens.

Library pulverisateur ideal orion The Library allows you to perform several general upgrades for your capital city in the game. It is unlocked in the Classical age and is one of the first buildings that you will want to construct once you reach that age in the game. The different technologies that are unlocked in the game give you significant advantages with your economy, attacking and defensive capabilities.

Market gati kwe tracking system BUY! SELL!! Capitalism in action. Markets store your gold and let you trade for gold shipments. john nyutstumo bilde All of the gold that you collect for your capital city in Dominations is stored inside your Market buildings. Markets also allow you to trade in Cider for additional shipments of gold. The size of the shipment that you receive corresponds to the highest level Market you have in your city. You can build your second market when you reach the Bronze Age and your third Market when you reach the Gunpowder Age.

Mill fine radiators address Mills store your food to keep it away from rats and other players. They can also order food shipments.

rond landschap tattoo All of the food that you collect for your capital city is stored inside your Mills. Mills also allow you to trade in Iron for shipments of food. The size of the shipment you receive corresponds to the highest level Mill you have in your city. You can build your second Mill when you reach the Bronze Age and your third Mill when you reach the Gunpowder Age.


godspeed g2 spinn here Each building you connect to your Town Center generates extra gold!

Roads connect your buildings in the capital city and generate gold. For each building that is joined to the Town Center via a road gives 10% extra gold, which is stored in your roads until collected. Roads can be upgraded to increase the maximum amount of gold that can be stored. You can build additional road segments as you advance through the different ages and more roads can be added through technology research at your Library.


Storehouses store your trade goods. They can also order trade good shipments.

The storehouse is used as a holding building for all of the Trade Goods that you collect in Dominations. The storage space for your Trade Goods increases by researching technology at your Library. You can also order shipments of Trade Goods at your Storehouse by spending Crowns.


Here you can pray for blessings that will give bonuses to your economy, your defenses, and your attacks!

Temples allow you to create and use Blessings, which are purchased with Trade Goods and provide limited-time boosts to various aspects of the game. Some of the Blessings you can purchase at the Temple last for a set period of time, and others are single-use (such as for attacks and defense). Temple upgrades provide additional Blessings. You can research Zeal, a level 4 Technology, to increase the effectiveness of your Blessings.

Town Center

The center of your civilization, it is here that your people will advance through the ages of history. The Town Center also grants enemies a victory star in battle if it falls, and stores a small amount of food and gold (600 each).

The Town Center is the most important building in your capital city and serves as the hub of all activity. It should be protected from attack with as many defenses as possible—when invaders attack you, they’ll be aiming to burn down your Town Center. If you choose the Chinese of Japanese civilization, your Town Center will inherit defensive capabilities of its own.

It’s important to remember to connect your Town Center to other buildings in your capital city with roads. Doing so produces additional gold for your city.


Conceals your hard-won resources from invading armies!

The Vault allows you to conceal and protect a portion of your resources from invading enemies. This building becomes available for construction in the Gunpowder Age.

Defensive Buildings

Ambush Trap

Two extra soldiers will pop out by surprise when an enemy reaches this trap.

The Ambush Trap is a simple defensive trap that causes two extra soldiers to appear and defend your city from attack once it is triggered by an approaching enemy.

Ballista Tower

Fires powerful shots, strong against tough attackers like cavalry.

The Ballista Tower is a tower with a ballista mounted on top. It causes heavy damage, but has a slow rate of fire. It is especially effective against advancing cavalry. The Ballista Tower first becomes available in the Classical Age.


Invading troops that step on these have slower movement and lower damage.

Caltrops are a trap that slow down invading troops and reduce their attacking damage. They are best placed in zones where you expect several attacking troops to congregate. Caltrops are available once you advance to the Iron Age.


Crank it back and watch it fly. In peacetime you can use it to launch all kinds of stuff. Most notable of course would be dead cows.

The Catapult is a deadly ranged weapon that delivers splash damage upon groups of attacking units. It hits all units within the area of effect, making it especially deadly against large numbers of low hit point troops, such as infantry. The Catapult is not able to hit attacking troops at extremely close range, so it is most effective when surrounded by other buildings or defensive structures that act as a buffer.


Produces soldiers when the town is under attack. Good against attacking soldiers.

Garrisons are defensive buildings that produce infantry to defend your capital city. They are triggered when attacking enemy units come within range. Garrisons will produce defensive troops faster if they are in range of an Acropolis. You should place your Garrisons behind walls so that they cannot be easily destroyed and put them near gates in those walls so that the troops they create can reach the invading army.


Allows your defenders to move through your walls and attack enemies.

Gates are placed at strategic points along your walls to allow for defensive troops produced at Garrisons to pass through and attack advancing enemies.


Short-ranged tower that excels at eliminating large hordes of units.

Spike Trap

Causes high damage to attackers. Good against cavalry.


Produces cavalry to defend your city. Strong vs. siege, weak vs. soldiers.

The Stable adds to your defensive army, allowing you to produce defending cavalry units. The Stable is first available to players in the Classical Age.


Shoots at anybody who attacks the town!

The Tower is one of the first defensive buildings unlocked in Dominations, and fires projectiles at attacking units.


Walls are a great way to keep enemies out.

Walls are a simple defensive unit that allow you to both keep attacking enemy units away from your important buildings and to guide/funnel them towards strategic defensive positions where your other defensive buildings will be able to do extensive damage. Walls become available in the Bronze Age and each age you advance in the game unlocks an additional 10 wall segments to add to your city.

Army Buildings


A Barracks lets you build and house troops. Upgrade it to unlock more troop space.


A Blacksmith lets you upgrade the troops in your army, and maybe even give them guns!


Powerful on the defense, a Castle also allows you to appoint a powerful General to lead your army!

Mercenary Camp

Here, elite mercenaries can be recruited to your cause… for a price!

With a Mercenary Camp in your capital city, you can recruit various mercenary units to fight with you in battle. Different units can be recruited to your cause by spending Trade Goods. Upgrades to the Mercenary Camp gives an increase to the number of units it can hold and also unlocks more powerful unit types.

War Academy

Here you can devise brilliant combat tactics to devastate your enemies!

Wonder Buildings

Stonehenge Wonder in Dominations

The Wonder Buildings are special structures that you can choose to build. Each building provides a specific advantage, and you should select a building that suits your play style and needs.

Bronze Age

  • Acropolis – Makes your defending army tougher. Speeds up troop spawning at nearby garrisons and stables.
  • Hanging Gardens – Increases the resources gained from nearby fruit trees and gold mines. Increases the frequency that they can be gathered from.
  • Pyramids – Grants a boost to nearby farms.
  • Stonehenge – Grants bonus Gold every time you collect from a Caravan. Increases the effectiveness of your road network when connected by roads to your Town Center.

Classical Age

  • Colosseum
  • Forbidden City
  • Notre Dame
  • Terra Cotta Army

Gunpowder Age

  • Angkor Wat
  • Taj Mahal
  • Temple of Tikal
  • Versailles

Other Buildings

Alliance Gate

Allows you to join an alliance. Alliance members can chat and send each other reinforcements.

The Alliance Gate is first available to players in the Iron Age. It allows you to “team up” with other players in the game and send units to each other.

Ancient Statue

Loot ancient statues to find items for trade!

Ancient Statues are revealed when you clear sections of the forest. When you put a citizen to work on them after they have been discovered, they will produce random additional loot.


At the beginning of the game, your capital city is surrounded by wild forest. You can clear sections of the forest to make room for expansion and to uncover various special items, such as Ancient Statues, gold and chests containing trade goods.

Gold Deposit

Gold Deposits are sometimes found when a Forest is cleared. They work similar to the Gold Mine and you can direct your citizens to work on them to produce Gold. However, a Gold Deposit has limited use and will disappear after three collections by your citizens.

Even More Buildings

  • Obstacles
  • Pile of Sticks
  • Ruins

What Forms of Wildlife Appear in Dominations?

You can direct your citizens to hunt the wildlife that spawns and roams near your capital city. When you kill and skin these animals, you’ll earn either food, gold or crowns. Each form of wildlife requires a certain number of your citizens to hunt and kill, and each takes a variable amount of time.

Here is a complete list of the different forms of wildlife that appear in the game:

  • Bear – Needs 6 citizens to hunt. Takes 2 minutes to hunt.
  • Boar – Needs 4 citizens to hunt. Takes one minute to hunt.
  • Bunny – Needs 1 citizen to hunt. Takes 10 seconds to hunt.
  • Deer – Needs 2 citizens to hunt. Takes 20 seconds to hunt.
  • Fox – Needs 2 citizens to hunt. Takes 20 seconds to hunt.
  • Stag – Needs 3 citizens to hunt. Takes 45 seconds to hunt.

What Nations Can You Play in Dominations?

There are seven different nations to choose from in Dominations and each one has its own advantages and special abilities. Here are the nations that you can play in the game:

  • China
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Japan
  • Rome