Diamond Dash Quick Cheats, Tricks and Tips

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http://whitetooth.space/2018 programm forum ludwigsburg Diamond Dash is a fun and fast-paced Facebook game from Wooga, the makers of Bubble Island and Monster World. In this game, which is similar to Bejeweled Blitz, you have 60 seconds to earn as many points as you possibly can. You earn points by clicking on sets of contiguous colored blocks. You need to get a set of blocks that has at least three in it to score points, and the larger the group, the more points you get. But there are also some key cheats, tips and strategies you can use to earn the most points possible in the game.

Be Fast, Furious, and Fiery

Diamond Dash - Fire Mode

http://countwatch.site boom parrotia persica It's all about getting to fire mode in Diamond Dash.

metropolis fritz lang moroder here The key to being successful in Diamond Dash is to get to fire mode as soon as possible. Fire mode is enabled as soon as you complete ten clicks of three blocks or more in a rapid successive pattern. You’ll hear a series of escalating musical notes as you find and click your groups of three or more blocks. Try to move quickly and stay in a rhythm until fire mode is achieved. You’ll know you’re in fire mode when the border of the screen lights up in flames.

daniel kyre youtube see What’s so great about fire mode? The points! Points will come fast and furious in this mode and you’ll see much larger blocks of contiguous colors (this means a lot more points! Instead of just getting 100 points per block, you earn 600. Also, whenever you click on a group of blocks in fire mode, you clear not only the ones you clicked on, but every block that’s adjacent to one in the group, regardless of its color. The points you get here can be huge! As soon as fire mode ends, start working on your next set of 10 groups to get fire mode back up and running ASAP.

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Save Your Diamonds for Fire Mode

Every time you click enough blocks to advance your diamond meter to the end, you’ll get a new diamond on the board. When you click on these diamonds, they clear a lot of adjacent blocks. But hold off on clicking them until you’re in fire mode. Why? There are a few reasons. First, clicking on them can break your rhythym and make you miss out on the ten successive fast clicks you need to get into fire mode (where you really start earning points). Second, You’ll get more points for the squares that the diamonds clear if you’re in fire mode. You might want to even wait until the very end of the game (the last ten seconds) to click all of your remaining diamonds.

Come Back After 40 Minutes

Diamond Dash - Lives Counter

Currently, you earn a new life every 8 minutes in Diamond Dash and can store up to five at a time. So to get the most points possible, return to the game every forty minutes or so to play through your accumulated lives. You can also ask friends to send you additional lives, or purchase them using your Facebook credits, but with a full set of five free games to play every 40 minutes, it’s just as easy to schedule your play sessions for when the lives are restocked.


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