Diamond Dash – Easy Ways to Earn More Points

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wie die ersten christen lebten Diamond Dash is among the recent Facebook games, developed by Wooga. The game’s popularity is ascending tremendously since its launch.

Basic Strategy

http://bitpopular.life/2018/08 opsats royal copenhagen The basic premise of Diamond Dash rests around clicking on 3 blocks of the same color (3 is the minimum number, if you have more blocks of similar color, Bingo!). Once you click the blocks they clear away. The more diamonds you ‘dash’ (or clear), the more points you gain!

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Your Goal

opbygning af toradet harmonika In this game, the player is required to achieve maximum points and reach the top position of the weekly tournament chart. This enables a player to gain experience points, and advance in levels. The higher level you achieve, the more bonus points you get added to the end of each round you play.

The Essential Tricks of the Game:

ruche orpheline sans couvain Here are few essential tips and tricks of Diamond Dash that may help you win maximum scores and bonus points in the weekly tournaments!

  • One of the ground rules of Diamond Dash is that you should earn maximum points while clearing away the biggest diamond combinations in one attempt. Now, according to rules of the game, the minimum block sequence (that is clickable or clearable) is 3, so most players fall prey to this simple rule and try to win through this. However, the trick to win is to hit the biggest combinations of diamond sequences that you can!
  • When you hit one of the 3 minimum required diamond sequences, you only get 100 points. But click on 4 or more diamond sequences and your jackpot clock will start ticking! A diamond sequence of 4 similar colored blocks would earn you 400 points.
  • The important trick of this game is to hit the biggest blocks of similar colored diamonds in less amount of time.
  • Want to know the greatest jackpot trick of Diamond Dash? Well, all you have to do is to search for a combination of more than six (similar colored) diamond blocks. When you hit this sequence, your scores would soar high and higher! Hitting larger sequences earns you many more points.
  • Now, what else do your require in Diamond Dash? Oh! Of course, the experience points! This should be easy, now that you already know how to maximize your scores. With more scores in each match, you will be earning high experience points.
  • The maximum number of lives in a single game play session is limited, so in order to increase your experience points, you must score more in every game.
  • With experience level upgrades, your chances to win bonus points also increases. Even a single percent of extra level upgrade and you may win the weekly game against your friends.
  • If you get the chance to hit several combinations of blocks then your bonus bar fills up and you receive a diamond bomb. This diamond bomb clears off two rows of diamond blocks (a vertical row and horizontal row). The bomb, on usage, would earn you above 10,000 points.
  • To get more diamond bombs, maximize the number of times, you should look for a multiple ‘perfect-color sequence’ combinations. Using almost three diamond bombs in a single game session will earn you more than 24,000 points! All for free!
  • A trick that you should remember as a ‘caution advice’: Never click on the combinations that have been less than two or two. Because, if you clicked on such low combinations your bonus/points meter will fall sharply!

Follow these easy and essential tips to get you started with the game!


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  1. Would like to know why when I try to refill my lives, it keeps coming up failed, answers would be useful, as I,m a novice at diamond dash, and I can,t find any menu

  2. ATENTION: just have a question, just starred playing this game a couple of wks ago, Anyways my question is, My friends had send me lives, & I was able to use them & I send them lives too,
    But lately I seen that the send me lives (3 to be exact) & every time I try to use them I can’t. Every time I click on the little envelope that has 3 hearts it exits me out of the game, I tried it so many times & it keeps doing the same thing over & over, 🙁 CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHY IS DOING THIS… PLEASE!! thank you! 🙂

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