Decorating Tips for Cafe World

tire number result go 1 stark arm airsoft s17 match When setting up your cafe in Cafe World, there are two main considerations: functional design and aesthetic decor. erfahrensreiche duden wie wird es geschrieben To maximize profits from your cafe, you’ll want to make sure you have the most efficient layout for earning coins. The most important thing to remember is that your waiter needs enough room to serve the tables, and your customers need a clear path to the tables so they can sit down to eat. If anything is blocked in by other furniture or decoration, those pieces will go unused and thus not earn you any money. This is true for everything except stoves; stoves can be blocked and still function. gary webb death The best configuration is a square with enough room around the edges for your customers and waiter(s) to walk. Remember that only one person can sit at a table, so multiple chairs around a table won’t earn you any more money. It’s also a good idea to expand your cafe; the default cafe doesn’t allow for a good setup of tables and chairs.

i hinandens hænder view Once you have your cafe arranged to be a money-making machine, you can then focus on decorating it to your liking. To get started, click on the chair icon to “Customize.” You will see different categories for tables, chairs, doors, windows, floors, walls and decor. Click on any items you want to put in your cafe, and then drag it into your cafe to place it. You can rearrange and rotate your furniture and decorations in Customize mode, but remember that you won’t be earning any coins while doing so.

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lijn gewicht bepalen go You can’t sell your purchased items, but you can place them in storage by dragging them to the Customize screen below, if you decide you don’t want them to appear in your cafe anymore. You will see x1, x2, etc. next to any storage items. You can use them again anytime, by dragging them back into your cafe, without being charged another time for them.

is zaterdag een werkdag see Begin by choosing a theme for your cafe — this could be country-based, such as Italian, or based on a certain color. Light colors make your place seem airy and open, while dark tones are warm and create an intimate space. Red has a strong first impression and can raise the energy level of a room. Yellow is a happy color and tends to brighten people’s moods. Blue is relaxing and calming, while green is also considered restful and pleasant. Purple, especially deep hues of it, can be dramatic and sophisticated. Orange is vibrant and energetic, and often evokes excitement and enthusiasm. beauté sur cour grenoble A modern theme would feature sleek greys, steel chairs, big windows and functional tables. Use checkered table cloths and dark wood for a classic Italian look, or Japanese screens and lanterns for a sushi-style dining experience. There are many sports-themed items in Cafe World, to create a fun place for your customers to eat and watch their favorite teams play on TV, which can be purchased for 35,000 coins. Furniture and decor can be expensive, so choose your items carefully! coast to coast nordjylland

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  1. Actually you can sell items, once you have put them into storage, you click on the item you would like to sell and then drag it to the cash register icon.

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