Crop Mastery in Farmville Explained verkabelte telefonleitungen 8 buchstaben 0 lassaronvisa av tellef haraldstad new york skyline 1970 Crop Mastery is a very important aspect of the Farmville game, but it can be very difficult to fully understand. There are many variables to Crop Mastery, which makes it both an intriguing and frustrating concept in the game. The basic idea behind Crop Mastery is that you are able to progress in levels as you plant more and more of the same crop. There are three levels of Crop Mastery for each type of seed that you can plant in Farmville. Each of the Crop Mastery levels is earned by completing a certain number of successful harvests, usually numbered in the hundreds or even thousands. You need to be at level 10 or higher to earn levels in Crop Mastery.

landkreis esslingen eingliederungshilfe The rewards for gaining each level in Crop Mastery are very similar to ribbons. You get coins and XP each time you advance a level. Once you achieve level 3 of mastery in a particular crop, then each time you plant that crop, there is a small chance that the crop will become a watch puffin rock free Premium Crop. A Premium Crop appears a little bit larger than normal crops and it provides XP upon harvesting instead of just coins. That’s a huge benefit! The amount of XP and the chance of having a premium crop varies from seed to seed. In some cases, there’s as much as a 40% chance that your crops will become premium if you’re a master. In others, such as Artichokes, the chance is only 5%. That’s a whole other reason to never plant Artichokes in this game, but that’s another long story. tryk til kage When you reach level 3 in crop mastery for a particular crop, you earn a mastery sign for that crop that you can place anywhere on your farm. The sign is a great way to show off to your neighbors that you have become a master of that particular crop.

cuvette de toilettes synonymes view So which crops should you try to master? Like so many things in Farmville, it really depends on your play style and your overall goals. One thing to remember is that you should really aim for crop mastery with the types of crops that you plan to continue growing the most. So you’ll want to line up your mastery with high-yielding coin and XP crops, such as the various berry plants, like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Blackberries are an excellent crop to master later in the game, but require a great number of harvests to achieve level 3 mastery. Pumpkins and Tomatoes, two already high-performing crops for XP gain, are great choices for mastery early on.

maxou et ses doudous Whatever you choose, crop mastery is a fun and exciting way to get more out of your Farmville game. It takes considerable patience and a lot of planting, but soon you can become a master in a number of different crops.

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