How to Counter Sparky in Clash Royale


There are few things more fearsome in Clash Royale than an incoming Sparky. This slow-moving but deadly troop can annihilate your towers in just a few shots. Although Sparky has a lengthy (5 second) charge time, each blast wreaks havoc on anything in its path.

This video from Ash provides some great tips and techniques on how best to counter an attacking Sparky.

Ignore Sparky at your peril!

The most important thing to know about Sparky is how far away he needs to be in order to engage your tower. When Sparky moves 3 tiles into your territory, he’s in range and ready to lay waste to your tower.

You obviously want to counter Sparky before he gets there.

The best way to counter Sparky is with cheap swarm cards. The best is Skeletons, which only cost 1 elixir and quickly surround Sparky. Another good alternative are Goblins, which only cost 2 elixir. In both cases, deploy them directly on top of Sparky, which causes them to surround him, as opposed to all on one side.

Clash Royale - Counter Sparky with Skeletons

Credit: Ash

That way, when Sparky fires, he won’t kill all of your troops in one shot.

The Three Musketeers are an elixir-expensive, but clever counter. Use the same surround technique to kill Sparky and you’ll be left with two of the musketeers. They’ll counter-attack your opponent’s tower.

Clash Royale - Counter Sparky with Three Musketeers

Credit: Ash

Be careful because not all troops will surround Sparky. Archers and Spear Goblins stay grouped together and will be easily taken out by Sparky’s attack.

Don’t have cheap swarm troops available? You can use the Musketeer, but take care to place her next to your tower. She has greater range than Sparky and can take him out from a distance.


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