Clash Royale

standesbeamtin cornelia barkawitz click modernismens fremvekst etter krigen fornuft og følelse aarhus Clash Royale is a popular new head-to-head battle card game from Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. This real-time battle game features familiar characters from Clash of Clans, but in a totally different game where you try to destroy your opponents towers while defending your own. The game relies heavily on collectible cards, but perhaps just importantly on real-time strategy and tactics. The battle can change in an instant with a single wrong move, and this detailed guide will help you learn al of the Clash Royale cheats, tips and strategies, along with everything you need to know in order to win more battles in the game.

bundprop til badekar i messing watch problemer outlook gmail It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished player—you’ll find valuable tips, tricks and strategy here. Many thanks to all the contributors of the Clash Royale Forums on the official Supercell site for some of the specific insights and tips.

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Clash Royale Battle Basics ad block test poésie exprime les sentiments go Clash Royale is a very straightforward game to play and you’ll learn the basic rules in the beginning tutorial. To recap, the game is played as a series of short battles where the object is to destroy your opponent’s towers. The battles typically last 3 minutes, although the game will go into sudden-death overtime if it is still tied at the end of the first 3 minutes of play. The overtime period lasts for one additional minute, and if the game is still tied at the end of it, the battle is ruled a draw.

orphéecole cycle 3 picot there leren broek festival The object is to finish with more crowns than your opponent. You earn one crown for destroying a tower, and three crowns for destroying the opponent’s King’s Tower. In fact, destroying the King’s Tower leads to an immediate victory. If you prevail, you’ll earn trophies to add to your total. If you are defeated, you’ll lose some of the trophies you have.

Clash Royale - King's Tower

riviere de diamants ali baba there Take down this guy and you win the battle. It’s as easy as that — um, kind of. port x games brugte vw tiguan Most matches are won simply by destroying one or two towers and successfully defending your own. You do not need to destroy the opponent’s king’s tower to claim victory. Knowing when to make an attempt on the King’s Tower and when to stay back and defend is a crucial strategic skill in the game.

Elixir Efficiency in Clash Royale denver tablet cover Clash Royale can feel like a complex game at times and there are multiple pathways to victory. But when it really comes down to it, there’s one key to winning that stands out: being ruthlessly efficient about your elixir usage.

marthe wang til deg Every card you play costs a certain amount of elixir. To play the card of your choice, you need to have enough elixir in your status bar (found at the bottom of the screen). This bar slowly refills over time, and maxes out at 10 elixir.

kick off meeting duden watch The golden rule of elixir usage is to always use less elixir than your opponent. You want to counter his moves by playing cards that defeat his troops but use less overall elixir to do so.

stiftung gemeinsam helfen A few important things to remember about Elixir:

  • bigge hot tere video hindi song Don’t let your Elixir bar remain at full – once your elixir bar hits 10, it won’t recharge anymore until some elixir is depleted. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to play a card right before your bar hits 10 to take full advantage of recharging time.
  • markenidentität und markenimage go Patience is a virtue – sometimes its tempting to swarm your opponent with multiple cards, using up all your available elixir at once. But this can have dire consequences. Your more patient opponent can often counter your haphazard attacks with lower-cost cards and then counter-attack with a significant elixir advantage.
  • hankehøj ved vallekilde Know when your towers can repel an attack – many times, if your tower is under attack, it’s best to let your tower defenders take care of the threat by themselves.
Clash Royale - Full Elixir Bar

geschiedenis china wikikids click A full elixir bar doesn’t do you any good. Play some of those cards and let it get back to recharging.

Examples of good Elixir management:

sanji wanted poster visit Your opponent attacks with Goblins (2 elixir) and a Knight (3 elixir) for a total of 5 elixir usage. If these troops are relatively close together, you can counter with a volley of arrows (3 elixir) which will either kill or severely weaken the attackers. This allows your towers to finish them off while you’ve used up 2 less Elixir than your opponent. Now, you’re ready for the counter-attack!

Go with the Flow – Attacking and Defending in Clash Royale

Winning battles in Clash Royale is all about developing a sense of rhythm and timing. Although the battles progress quickly, the game is really all about reacting properly to the moves your opponent makes and then knowing how to counter-attack. As noted before, Elixir management is also a critical component of successful attacking and defending.

The Beginning – A Full Elixir Bar

A key virtue separates winners from losers in Clash Royale: patience. Successful battles almost always start with waiting for your elixir bar to fill to 10/10. This gives you a huge advantage when responding to your opponent’s opening attack. Of course, if your bar has filled and your opponent hasn’t made a move, go ahead and open the attack — preferably with a “throwaway” low elixir card such as Skeletons or Archers. This allows your bar to start re-filling (giving you an advantage) and draws out your opponent’s first few moves.

The best time to play your first card in battle is the precise moment when your Elixir bar reaches 10/10.

Clash Royale - Elixir Bar Almost Full

Play your first card just as the Elixir Bar is about to reach 10/10.


When the battle begins, your objective is pretty clear. Destroy the opposing towers while defending your own. But how do you choose which tower to attack? If you’re the first player to make a move, then it doesn’t matter. Choose either the left or the right side. But once you’ve picked your side of the battlefield to attack, remain focused on that arena tower. Remember that most games are won by a single crown, and focusing all of your attacks on one tower is the best way to insure you get at least one crown point.

Clash Royale - Focus on Arena Towers

Most of the time, you can leave the King’s Tower alone and focus on taking down both of the less powerful arena towers for the win.

Focusing on a single tower is much better than splitting your forces across both sides of the battlefield.

Of course, you also need to play defense and respond to your enemy’s moves. Sometimes the flow of the battle will shift sides due to your opponent’s strategy. That’s ok! Often, you can successfully “surprise” your opponent by deploying a tower destroying combination, such as a Giant + Musketeer, on the opposite side of the battlefield from where the main action is. If your opponent has depleted his Elixir Bar, he won’t be able to respond in time to your sneak counter attack.

Clash Royale - Counter-attack

A little too crowded on the right side of the field? Try launching a counter-attack on the left.

If you need to re-focus your attacks mid-battle, such as after successfully defending a rush on your side of the field, always choose to attack the arena tower with the lowest current health points.

Defense Strategy – It’s a bit like Judo

Successful defense in Clash Royale is all about Elixir efficiency and timing. Don’t try to overwhelm or overpower your enemy by playing unnecessary high-cost cards. Instead, try to play the lowest cost card you need to contain the threat. Once the threat has been eliminated, you’ll have more Elixir in your bar to launch a counter-attack. A successfully timed counter-attack with an Elixir advantage is often the key to a winning match.

Judo, the ancient martial art, relies on patience and using your opponent’s momentum against him. In Clash Royale, the same holds true. The best opportunities are to wait until your opponent makes a critical mistake, such as wasting too much elixir on unnecessary defense or attacks. Then, while your opponent is weak, you strike hard. A swift counter-attack when your opponent cannot respond can quickly decide the battle.

Clash Royale - Judo

Clash Royale is a bit like Judo. Wait for the right moment and then change the momentum of the battle.

Another example is to deftly change the momentum of the battle by switching your troops to the “quieter” side of the field. Ideally towards the side with your higher health arena tower. Often in the thick of the fight you and an opponent will mass your troops on one side. The constant back-and-forth consumes troops and causes a lot of noise and confusion. Often, you can surprise your opponent by simultaneously launching a small attack on the other side. This is especially effective when you have enough elixir saved up to launch a small combo.

The Power of Combinations

It’s rare that a single unit will mount a successful attack. There are too many adequate defenses available to stop most units. But the real power in your attack strategy is successful combinations. Certain cards are greatly assisted by others (such as ranged units providing cover for melee units). Several combinations can be used to completely devastate your enemy. Let’s look at some of the more effective combinations that you can play.

Giant + Musketeer

This is the bread and butter of many attacks in the beginner arenas (arena 1 and 2). Deploy a musketeer immediately behind your giant. The high-health giant acts as a “meat shield” and draws the attention of most defenses while it moves relentlessly towards its target. Meanwhile, the safely protected musketeer uses her high damage attack to take out any enemy units that are attacking the giant, regardless of whether they’re on the ground or in the air. As an added bonus, the musketeer is very effective at finishing off an arena tower in the event that your giant is defeated.

Giant and Mustketeer Combo in Clash Royale

A Giant and a Musketeer become great buddies when approaching enemy towers.

Giant + Musketeer + Witch

If you’re lucky enough to have the Witch card, you can add even more power to the combo. Playing all three of these cards requires the use of 14 elixir, which is more than you will have in a full Elixir bar. To solve this problem, place your giant at the very bottom of your screen. By the time he reaches the bridge in the middle of the field, you’ll have the 9 elixir needed to place both the musketeer and the witch right behind him. Sit back and watch your enemy towers come crumbling down!

Another variation on this combo is when you’ve already played your witch card on defense and she successfully eliminates the enemy. Assuming you have enough elixir, drop your giant and your musketeer right before she crosses the bridge to attack. This powerful counter-attack is hard to defend and much more surprising to your enemy than the “long giant walk” setup described above.

The Different Battlefields in Clash Royale

You’ll start the tutorial in the lowly Training Camp (Arena Zero), where you’ll learn the basics of battles in Clash Royale. Then you’ll start your PvP action in Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). From there, as you earn trophies, you can advance to several more arenas, culminating in the Legendary Arena, which is open to players with 3,000 or more trophies to their name.

Goblin Stadium in Clash Royale

Your PvP action starts here in Goblin Stadium, also known as Arena 1.

If you lose too many trophies, you can be demoted to a lesser arena.

The rewards inside the chests in each arena get progressively better, with more gold and cards. Way more.

  • Training Camp (Arena 0)
  • Goblin Stadium (Arena 1, 0+ Trophies)
  • Bone Pit (Arena 2, 400+ Trophies)
  • Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3, 800+ Trophies)
  • P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (Arena 4, 1100+ Trophies)
  • Spell Valley (Arena 5, 1400+ Trophies)
  • Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6, 1700+ Trophies)
  • Royal Arena (Arena 7, 2000+ Trophies)
  • Legendary Arena (Arena 8, 3000+ Trophies)

More Clash Royale Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Looking for more Clash Royale cheats and strategies? We’ve collected some of the best ones right here.

Don’t forget about achievements

You can pick up some valuable gems and King Level XP simply by completing game achievements. Some of these are very easy to earn — such as watching a TV Royale Replay, which will earn you a very quick 5 gems and 5 XP. After you earn the achievement, click on the green Claim button to get your rewards.

The full list of achievements is here:

  • Team Player – Join a clan – 10 XP, 100 Gems
  • Friend in Need – Donate 25 cards – 5 XP, 3 Gems
  • Road to Glory – Reach Arena 2 – 5 XP, 3 Gems (additional rewards for higher arenas)
  • Gatherer – Collect 20 cards – 5 XP, 3 Gems
  • TV Royale – Watch a TV Royale Replay

Use Training Matches to Try Out New Cards and Strategies

Want to learn how to play with a new Epic or test out a completely new strategy? Sometimes changing your tactics is all that you need to get back on track with a winning streak. The perfect place to do this is in the Training Camp. Click on the bullseye icon in the battle screen to start a training match. Training matches don’t earn chests, but they’re the perfect place to hone your skills without putting your trophy count at risk. Have fun testing out new strategies for the game!

Save Your Gold for Epic Sundays

Every Sunday, the Clash Royale shop has extra cards available for sale. These usually include at least two Epic Cards. They tend to cost a lot of gold (2000 or more!) but they’re worth it. Leveling up an Epic can open the door to all kind of success on the Clash Royale battlefield. If you’re interested in stocking up on Rares and Epics, save your gold during the week and go shopping on Sunday!

Frequently Asked Questions for Clash Royale

What are the Legendary Cards?

There is a card type that is even more rare than Epic — the Legendary cards. There are currently five types of Legendary cards in Clash Royale:

  • Sparky – an area damage medium-range troop that is unlocked in Arena 6 and costs 6 elixir to summon.
  • Ice Wizard – an area damage medium-range troop that is unlocked in Arena 5 and costs 3 elixir to summon.
  • Princess – an area damage long-range troop that is unlocked in Arena 7 and costs 3 elixir to summon.
  • Lava Hound – a single target short-range troop that is unlocked in Arena 4 and costs 7 elixir to summon.
  • Miner – a single target melee troop that is unlocked in Arena 6 and costs 3 elixir to summon.

In general, the Legendary cards are difficult to obtain but highly elixir-efficient (three of them use up just 3 elixir to summon).

Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

How do I Counter a Mini P.E.K.K.A.?

One of the most challenging enemy troops to contend with for beginners is the Mini P.E.K.K.A. This pint-size killing machine can make quick work of most defending units. The key is most. If you pay attention to those helpful loading tips that appear during the battle loading screen, you might have noted one that tells you that large swarms of units can easily take out powerful single units.

The best troops to counter a Mini P.E.K.K.A. are the Skeleton Army and the Barbarians. Air units such as Minions and Minion Horde are both great options as well. The Baby Dragon doesn’t do enough damage to make it effective against the Mini P.E.K.K.A., so only use it if you are out of other options.

The Mini P.E.K.K.A. is also easily distracted, so placing defensive buildings such as X-Bows, Cannons, and Teslas are a great way to pull a Mini P.E.K.K.A. away from your vulnerable troops and towers.

How do I Counter a Witch?

The Witch can be one of the most challenging cards to deal with in the early Arenas. This epic card is very dangerous due to her ability to cause heavy splash damage and summon skeletons to both fight for and protect her. Fortunately, the witch is very vulnerable without her skeletons and certain cards can neutralize her very quickly. Essentially, you want to counter her with anything that does splash damage. Some of the best cards to use are:

  • Baby Dragon
  • Valkyrie (place between the Witch and her skeletons for best effect)
  • Fireball
  • Barbarians (place behind the Witch)