Clash Royale Deck Strategy: Pushing with the Prince


Ah, the art of the slow push. It’s a classic Clash Royale strategy, and this deck makes it easy.

What’s particularly nice about this deck is that you can play it in many of the early arenas in the game. Even better, it will last you a long time — some users report seeing success with it past arena 7 or higher. All of the cards used in this deck are unlocked in either the Training Camp or Goblin Stadium (Arena 1).

This deck uses the concept of the slow push. You start with your Giant at the back of the arena (at your own towers) and then allow Elixir to build back up as he slowly makes his way to the enemy’s side. As he’s crossing the bridge, you drop in some backup. In this case, it’s a Musketeer and the Prince. Together, all three should have almost no trouble taking out an enemy tower.

Begin the Slow Push in Clash Royale

The slow push begins with the placement of the Giant at the back of the arena.

The Prince is there to take out medium to large units and help take down the tower itself. The Musketeer picks apart any large swarms or air attacks that would otherwise threaten the Giant and Prince.

Here are the fundamentals of the deck.

Cards in the Deck

Clash Royale - Prince Push Deck

The deck uses cards that all unlock in either the Training Camp or Goblin Stadium, so they’ll be with you no matter what arena you are competing in. The higher you can level these cards early on, the better.

  • Prince
  • Spear Goblins
  • Bomber
  • Arrows
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Giant
  • Musketeer
  • Archers

Gameplay with the Deck

Start with the Prince. This deck doesn’t really work unless you have the Prince. You can try the Baby Dragon, but the Prince is a key to overwhelming the enemy during the slow push.

Use the low elixir cards on defense. Use your spear goblins, bomber and archers on defense. These are low-cost cards but are highly effective for defensive purposes. The musketeer should be deployed against air attacks and spear goblins and archers can be used for everything else.

Have a swarm of enemies headed your way? Shoot the arrows.

The mini-PEKKA is also a great combination of defense and counter-attack. If you’re threatened by incoming Giants, the mini-PEKKA offers a serious punch. After he disposes of the Giant, he’ll often head off on a brutal counter-attack.

Prepare the push. When you have enough elixir in the tank and your Giant is ready, begin your push forward. Remember to drop him at the base of one of your towers. As he’s nearing the bridge (or just over it), drop in a Musketeer and then the Prince.

Giant, Musketeer, Prince Take Out a Tower

That tower doesn’t stand a chance.

Now watch the enemy tower come crumbling down. One crown for you!



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