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A Guide to Gifting in CityVille

Imagine having a game which can attract tens of millions of gamers worldwide, larger than the population of several countries? Surprising and even unbelievable it may seem, but CityVille has just done that. CityVille is a new and very popular game on the most famous social network, Facebook. Many of your friends are already playing the game, and its possible that you’ve tried it as well. Now the only question you might have is how can you catch up?

There are several ways to gain advantage in the game, and one of these is gifting, the process of sending and receiving gifts with your friends. These gifts vary, and many are very useful (most especially the energy) during the game.

Holiday Gifts

From time to time there are special gifts available in CityVille that correspond to seasonal holidays. The gifts are usually available for several weeks at a time and then go away. While these are available, you’ll want to make a point of gifting them to others and asking your friends to send them to you in return.


CityVille Snow Flake
The gift does not require you to be at a certain level in the game; you can freely give it to anyone. It comes as a part of a task, to ask for five snowflakes from your friends to set off a snowfall. Picture your city covered in a cloud of beautiful snow, causing envy to anyone who visits your place. Cool isn’t it? TIP: Don’t just ask. IMPOSE on your friends to give you snowflakes. Beg if you have to. It wouldn’t hurt to demand at times, especially if the result is an amazing winter wonderland.


CityVille Energy Gifts
Want to finish that much needed building? Need to harvest more of your crops? Expand your city? This is the thing that everyone needs most. You can acquire a quick and small refresh of this through gifting. Energy gifts come in three different sizes and you’ll need to have a certain number of neighbors to send the more powerful amounts, +1 does not require any neighbors, while +2 require 7 neighbors and +3 with 9 neighbors.
There are other ways to earn energy besides gifting, and these are covered in detail over in the CityVille Energy Cheats Guide. But the basics are: visiting your friends villages and buying through city cash. TIP: You can maximize your energy by doing all your tasks first, (harvest your crops, collect rent) and by the time that you’ve already used up your energy, accept the help offered by your friends (it usually pops up when every time you open your account) and while they are finishing your tasks, pay a visit to your neighbors, they’ll give you what you need, along with added coins and reputation.

Zoning Permit

CityVille Zoning Permit
The Zoning Permit allows you to construct certain buildings in the game, such as the museum, which is one of the first free Community Buildings that you earn through doing quests. The gift does not have a requirement, so you can give and receive it at any time.

Community Building Materials

CityVille Building Materials
Certain Community Buildings require special construction materials which are available as gifts. You’ll find that these are in high demand amongst your neighbors, as they’re frequently needed by players trying to grow their city population.


CityVille Decorations

Eager to decorate your city? Avoid buying too many decorations (Especially flowers and trees) in the first 10 levels of your game as this uses up valuable coins. Instead, ask your friends to give you gifts like orange flowers and fences during these first stages. These gifts are actually much more than mere decorations. They give percentage bonuses for any buildings that are nearby.

CityVille Decorations

Of course there are lots more decorations available in the game and part of the fun in gifting is experimenting with sending all kinds of different items., The best advice I could possibly give is this, have as many friends as you could possibly have, and make sure they play CityVille! Then coax, torture, or sweet talk them to give you gifts. Next best advice, watch out for new gift guide updates!


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  1. Like myself, all my friends work very hard in our city . I think the factory need not have our friends work them we should be able to run our factory as we want and not have to pay for it . Using our coins we shold be able to buy power , or give us are own power station, We could work towards that and buy our own power stations , the land is too high keep it the same , 185000 and then 25000 come on this is too muchone price and not high I get to the point I don`t want to play anymore . Because its just too high for land and builds its just to much , if I knew before about the high prices in this game I would have never have startedthis game nor would I have told my friends about this game.

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