CityVille is the latest Facebook game from Zynga, the same people who made FarmVille and FrontierVille. In CityVille, your job is to build up a city from humble beginnings into a thriving metropolis. The game is very similar to other city-building games you can play online and also plays a lot like the original city-building game, SimCity. But there are many different twists to this new game on Facebook and even if you’re familiar with all the different “ville” games, these CityVille cheats, strategies and tips will help you progress quickly through the game and out-pace your friends. Start with the beginner’s guide if you’re brand-new to the game and check out the more advanced guides once you’ve got a handle on things. Happy building!

Looking for even more detailed CityVille cheats and secrets? Take a look at our review of all the CityVille Guides available to help you earn more coins and level even faster.

CityVille cheats

Conquer the streets of CityVille with these cheats, strategies and guides.

CityVille Cheats and Strategies

CityVille Sam

All the key details are in the list of guides above, but here are some basics about the game. You can learn even more by visiting the CityVille Unleashed Guide.

Fundamentals of CityVille

The key to success in CityVille is learning to manage a few key resources, particularly energy, goods, coins and experience (XP). There are many nuances for each, so check out the different guides for tips on how to get the most out of the limited resources you have in CityVille.

CityVille Decorations

In this game, decorations are more than just for making your city look pretty. You can use decorations to get significant coin bonuses from your residences and businesses when it comes time to collect from each. Be sure to check out the CityVille Decorations Guide to learn about which decorations to use and how to place them to get the maximum benefits for your city.

CityVille Coin Bonuses

In addition to decoration bonuses, you can get a lot of additional coins by carefully timing the pickups of items that come from buildings in your city. Every five items you pick up advances the bonus meter up a level, all the way through Masterful. This is also known as the Doober Bonus, and it can be a great way to pick up a lot of extra coins in the game. Learn more about how this works in the CityVille Bonus Coins Guide.

CityVille Neighbors

At the end of the day, it’s really all about neighbors. Having lots of neighbors is really important in this game. The more you have, the faster you’ll advance and the more items you’ll have at your disposal when constructing your city. Of course, not all neighbors are created equal. You’ll want to invite neighbors who regularly play the game, helping your city and sending you plenty of gifts.

CityVille Metropolis

With enough strategy and coins, huge sprawling cities like this can be yours.