CastleVille Royal Buildings Guide

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ziegen nur einmal täglich melken visit Royal buildings are the key to expanding your kingdom in Castleville. If you are familiar with Zynga’s similar titles Cityville and Farmville, you know that there is always a certain breed of building that requires occupants, generates revenue, and allows you to expand your borders and conquer new land. In Castleville, they are royal buildings, and understanding them is paramount to your success.

Castle Ponts

gebrechen wotlk gamona see The real value of royal buildings lies in castle points. The overall wealth and prestige of your kingdom is derived from your score in castle points, it is a measurement of your kingdoms power and the only way to increase it is by constructing (and occupying) royal buildings.

sophie løhde nævnenes hus visit The exploration system is at the heart of why castle points are one of your main concerns. There is an expanse of gloomed-out tiles surrounding your functioning kingdom that you cannot venture into, certain requirements must be met first, one of which is always a certain amount of castle points- the more royal buildings you have completed, the more land you have to work with and tame. le creuset stegeso tilbud Here is a list of royal buildings and the different amounts of castle points that they yield (as well as what level they are unlocked):

  • Maiden’s Tower – 80 CL (start)
  • Barracks – 110 CL (level 3)
  • Vault – 150 CL (level 6)
  • Throne Room – 190 CL (level 9)
  • Library – 220 CL (level 12)
  • Castle Dungeon – 260 CL (level 15)
  • Wizard’s Keep – 300 CL (level 18)
  • Opera House – 340 CL (level 21)
  • The Cathedral – 390 CL (level 24)
  • Observatory – 450 CL (level 27)

Constructing the Buildings noor zaman khan The costs involved in constructing royal buildings may seem steep at first, but you’ll soon find out that they are a safe investment. Most royal buildings will pay back their cost in gold within a few days if you collect taxes diligently, and their value as kingdom expanding units is priceless. Nonetheless, getting them built and operational in the first place can be quite the task.

CastleVille Royal Buildings - Barracks niall horan instagram Building the Barracks in CastleVille. maldives monetary authority map As you level up and progress through the game, new royal buildings worth more castle points will become available to you. Be sure to stock up on the standard building supplies like wood logs and stone. Keep your crafting buildings as busy as possible, if you find that too many of them are idle then use them to refine raw materials so that you have them on hand when you need to start building. simpel video edit programma The biggest hurdle for most players is occupying these royal buildings. After building them completely, they will award you no castle points or taxes if you do not staff them appropriately. Note that you cannot use the various quest giving NPCs throughout your kingdom for this- your only options are other players or the duke. If you find yourself shorthanded, you can recruit the duke to fill a space in a royal building for 6 crowns. Using the duke isn’t recommended because it’s a waste of crowns- the spirit of a social network game like this is to play with friends, so it is designed purposely to make it difficult to advance alone. If you don’t have any friends who play, look around the internet for communities of CastleVille players- you are sure to find plenty of people willing to occupy your buildings and visit your kingdom (the benefits of having neighbors are plentiful, it pays off well to play with others).


hotel dla psów Another way to increase your castle level is to use certain decoration items such as brick walls. These yield a small amount of castle level which can be helpful, but considering the amount of space they take up compared to royal buildings, it isn’t worth it unless you need just a little boost to reach your next goal.

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