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cabinet yves blohorn link In CastleVille, the fastest way to advance through the game is by doing quests. You’ll start with a short series of introductory quests to teach you the fundamentals of gameplay and then move on quickly to more advanced series of quests. There are plenty of quest cheats and tips to make the entire process more efficient.

Obtaining Quests hank finding dory You’ll get quests from the different characters in the game. The first few quests come from the Duke and from Yvette. The way to know when a quest is available is to look for a question mark icon floating above a character. When you see that, they have a new quest to give you, so click on them to learn more. Once you accept it, you’ll then see an icon appear on the left side of your screen. While you’re performing the various tasks, you’ll always be able to click on that icon to remind yourself of what you need to do and to check in on your progress.

Quest Tasks and Basics

geburtstag finnisches königshaus Each quest usually has a series of tasks you need to perform. These are spelled out on the quest screen, which you get when you first accept it or whenever you check your progress by clicking on the appropriate icon on the left side of your screen. When you finish each task, you’ll see a green check mark next to it. When you complete all the tasks, the quest is done and you’ll receive the rewards for the quest. Usually, these are coins and XP.

taak eigen veiligheid Some quests are part of a series, also known as a quest chain. In this case, you must complete each quest in the series before receiving the next one. These chains are usually used in the game to reveal part of the storyline and to get to know the backgrounds of the different characters.

The First Six Quests

Raise the Roof

  • Find a good location and place Yvette’s House.
  • Gather materials to build the house.
  • Build Yvette’s house to add her to your kingdom.

The game will guide you through the process of placing the foundation for Yvette’s cottage. From there you’ll need to gather 5 wood logs by chopping trees and 5 stones from mining rocks to assemble her home. This quest is done in conjunction with the next quest, which is called Sticks and Stones.

Reward: 500 coins, 4 XP.

Sticks and Stones

  • Gather 5 Wood Logs by chopping Trees.
  • Gather 5 Stones by mining Rocks.

This quest is tied in with the one you just received. You already need to gather these materials to build Yvette’s house, so this quest is really just a nice way to get some extra coins and XP.

Reward: 250 gold, 3 XP.

Penny Pinching

  • Tax Yvette’s house for Coins.

Once construction on Yvette’s new home is complete, you get to collect taxes from her. It’s good to be the king! Click on her cottage to collect the taxes. You can repeat this every half hour.

Rewards: 250 coins and 3 XP.

Get Plucky

  • Buy 4 Chickens.
  • Feed 4 Chickens.

This quest introduces you to the Market. You’ll need to visit the animals tab on the Market screen and buy four chickens. Following the screen prompts, you’ll first click on the Market icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, you click on the tree icon and then finally the buy button on the chicken icon. Each chicken costs 250 coins. You only need to visit the market once. Keep clicking on the ground to purchase and place the additional chickens. After you’ve got four, click on the cancel icon in the bottom-right to stop purchasing. Then click on each chicken to feed it.

Rewards: 500 coins and 4 XP.

Visiting Heirs

  • Visit your new neighbor the Duke.
  • Banish the invading beastie.
  • Earn 5 Reputation by helping your new neighbor.

As soon as you complete the Get Plucky quest, you’ll see the Duke appear again with an urgent request to visit him and get rid of a beastie that has attacked his kingdom. Follow the on-screen prompts to visit the Duke. Click on the Gloom Rat beastie to attack and kill it. Then click on various animals and buildings several times to help the Duke’s kingdom and earn reputation hearts.

Rewards: 500 coins and 4 XP.

No Bull

  • Buy 2 Cows.
  • Feed 2 Cows in your Kingdom.
  • Spend Reputation Hearts to buy 1 Large Trough for your thirsty animals.

It’s time to return to the Market and this time purchase two cows. They each cost 750 coins, but you should have plenty of money from the previous quest rewards. After you have purchased and placed them, click on them to give them some food. The next task is to purchase a Large Trough. This is also bought via the Market, but CastleVille introduces a new twist. Some items are bought with Reputation Hearts rather than coins or crowns. The Large Trough is one of them. You can spend the 5 Reputation Hearts you just earned from helping the Duke in the previous quest to buy and place the trough anywhere you like within your kingdom.

Rewards: 500 coins, 4 XP and 1 Animal Treats


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