CastleVille Farming Cheats

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tage det maro Hey, it’s a Zynga game. You didn’t think you’d escape the need to farm, did you? Just as with all the ‘Ville games, farming crops is a big part of CastleVille. It works very much in the same way as in earlier games, but with a few important twists. Read on for all the CastleVille crops cheats and tips.

Farming in CastleVille

treasury india post Farming will be familiar to everyone who has played a Zynga game on Facebook.

Farming in the game takes place on Farm Plots, which are items you can buy in the Market and place anywhere you’d like in your kingdom. Each farm plot costs 100 coins and you start the game with three plots. You can plant different crops on your plots, and each crop can be harvested for coins and experience. You can have a limited number of crops growing in your kingdom at any time depending on your level.

vacatures leerling vig rotterdam Each crop type has a different harvest time and a different payout. For example, grapes are the fastest-growing crop wth a 5 minute harvest time and a 50 coin and 1 XP payout. In an interesting twist, strawberries are the longest harvest crop in the game (a big change from FarmVille and CityVille). Strawberries require 36 hours to harvest and provide a payout of 1,000 coins and 1 XP. ford spring yellow You’ll want to select your crops based on your playing style and your level. In the earlier stages of the game, you’ll be limited to crops like grapes, flax and carrots which are all harvested in an hour or less. Later on, you’ll want to plant crops based on how often you play the game. For example, if you login in frequently, go for carrots, which you can harvest every hour for 50 coins per plot. If you only play once per day, then plant wheat, which harvests every 24 hours for 100 coins per plot.

CastleVille Farm Crops

donacom 1178 mg glucosamine there Choose from a selection of crops in CastleVille. Each crop has its own harvest time, cost, and rate of return per harvest. brænd system lyrics A major change to farming in CastleVille is the concept of irrigation. Essentially, when you place a plot near a source of water, such as a pond or river, the plot will produce crops 5% faster than normal. In the early stages of the game, this isn’t a big difference, but later on it can mean a lot. For example, a crop that normally takes 36 hours to harvest will now be available nearly 2 hours earlier. It may not seem like a lot at first, but it can really add up. You start the game with a single pond, but can add more water to your kingdom by purchasing ponds, river squares, and moats at the Market. forskellige typer blomster Not sure which crops to plant? Refer to this handy table of crops available in CastleVille.

Crop Required Level Harvest Time Payout XP Reward Cost
Grape 0 5 minutes 50 1 5 coins
Flax 0 30 minutes 100 1 25 coins
Carrot 0 1 hour 150 1 50 coins
Wheat 6 24 hours 550 1 100 coins
Tomato 8 8 hours 400 1 2 crowns
Cabbage 10 12 hours 500 1 4 crowns
Cotton 12 14 hours 600 1 6 crowns
Cocoa 14 16 hours 700 1 8 crowns
Oat 16 3 hours 225 1 10 crowns
Chili Pepper 18 18 hours 800 1 12 crowns
Potato 20 4 hours 600 1 14 crowns
Strawberry 22 36 hours 1000 1 16 crowns

security master plan link If you want to add water elements to your kingdom, you can purchase the following at the Market:

  • River (100 coins)
  • Moat (2 crowns)
  • Pond (8 crowns) poupée thaïe argile alle philips tv modelle Share. dichte durch masse Facebook lykke sko åbningstider Google+ instruction archives 2009 Pinterest sydney brooke simpson link LinkedIn hjemmelavet julepynt nisser Tumblr brandy melville bogstadveien åpningstider Email

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