CastleVille Crafting Guide

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What is Crafting?

clash royal opening offre speciale arene 9 there One of the most in-depth features of many Zynga games is the crafting system, and it has made a return in CastleVille. As you expand your realm and explore the medieval fantasy countryside, you will come across tons of items, resources, and goodies. You can combine these using special buildings and recipes into brand new items that help you progress through the game.

fjerne hard hud under fot Anyone familiar with RPGs and online games in general is probably already familiar with how this works, but social games often have an added dimension to crafting. Because actions cost precious energy, every single choice counts and an understanding of the crafting system is necessary if you want every play session to count. You need to be familiar with the items are the most valuable to craft and which components they need, so keep that in mind as you expend energy.

Crafting Buildings

vinduet og døre there In order to start crafting, you’ll need a special type of building known as a crafting building. There are many of these in the game that allow you to craft all types of objects, but it’s most important that beginners get a firm grasp on the first two.

do it anyway The first building becomes available to you at level 2 and it costs 2000 coins- the workshop. After using 12 wood logs and 5 stones to construct it, you can access the workshop’s crafting menu by clicking on the building. Keep in mind that you can only have 3 of these buildings at once- try to make the most out of them and have a recipe preparing as often as possible. Recipes can take a long time to execute, usually a matter of hours, so having multiple buildings crafting things at once is a good idea.

niemieckie strony z samochodami The workshop focuses on construction, buildings, and materials. This is where you will be refining the raw resources you come across as you tame the wild- turning wood logs into plants, boulders into slabs of smooth stone. These refined items are necessary for building more advanced structures as they become available, so having a few items like this being concocted never hurts.
The other building you need for crafting is the kitchen. It becomes available at level 5 and costs 5000 gold coins to buy. You can construct it with 10 wood planks and 2 gold bricks (build up to this using a couple workshops). Try to build it and get it running as soon as possible, the recipes in the kitchen are some of the most important for extending your play sessions and keeping your kingdom efficient.

Priority Beginner Items verslag rico verhoeven When you are first starting out and presented with the large amount of options for crafting recipes and new objects to make, it might be difficult to stick to the best ones. Here are some of the most important recipes to keep in mind as you play, try to gather their ingredients as you perform other tasks.

Food and energy items

petrino horio hotel kreta link Once you have a kitchen set up, it will be one of the most important buildings you have. Food in Castleville translates to energy, which is the most precious resource in the game. If you focus on gathering the right ingredients and crafting meals, you’ll be able to greatly extend your play sessions and get more done than before.

kasteel victoriaanse stijl nederland watch Look through all the recipes that your kitchen offers and take note of the activities you need to focus on to gather the right components. You’ll need to spend some time feeding animals, farming, fishing, and tending various flora and fauna to get all the right stuff. As always try to ‘sync’ your activities with your current crafting goals- if a quest wants you to gather certain items or do certain tasks, try to pick the ones that can get you relevant cooking components.

Building components

hager obernai contact It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you have enough resources and materials when you really don’t. It may seem like you spent a while chopping wood and mining, but your bounty ends up considerably smaller after refining the raw resources at the workshop. This refining process can sometimes take hours for just a single item, so it’s best to think a few steps ahead and keep all your crafting buildings busy. For beginners, try to have some wood planks and gold bars ready for when you want to build a kitchen. Keep some refined stones on hand as well for royal buildings and castle extensions.

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