CastleVille is the latest game in the -Ville series from Facebook game maker Zynga. Of course, there are plenty of CastleVille cheats, secrets, tips and techniques and you can read all about them here. The game is still brand-new.

CastleVille shares a lot of similarities with it’s “Ville” cousins but there are also a lot of differences. Once of the big enhancements everyone is talking about is the orchestral score. It is one of the first games on Facebook to have its own original soundtrack. It was made with a 75-person orchestra and a full choir. The graphics and animations are also very ambitious for a game on Facebook. It simply looks beautiful!

CastleVille Scene

A scene from CastleVille

The game itself has a medieval theme and you will try to grow your castle and take care of its inhabitants.

Main CastleVille Scene

Starting out in CastleVille.

One of the big changes in CastleVille is the storyline and characters. While playing, you’ll interact with many different NPCs (non-player characters) who help and assist you as you play.

There are also some core concepts that most players of earlier Facebook games will be familiar with.


What would a fantasy game be without quests? CastleVille has plenty of them to keep you occupied as you explore your new kingdom. Most of the quests in the early part of the game are linear in nature and are essentially “must-do.” You’ll see quests appear as question marks above the quest-giving characters on the screen. Once you accept the quest, it will then appear as an icon on the left-side of your game interface. You can click on these icons to track process. Most quests involve completing simple tasks or collecting resources such as rocks, wood, and other materials. Upon completing each quest, you’ll get a reward and possibly unlock more valuable and complex quests.


Each task you perform in CastleVille uses up some energy, which you can track on your energy bar at the top of the screen. Energy will normally replenish a a rate of one point every five minutes. You can also refill your energy by asking your friends for gifts, or by purchasing energy potions in the market with crowns. Sometimes, you’ll also get a free point or two of energy for simply completing tasks around your kingdom. Each time you level up, your energy bar will be completely refilled.


Every small kingdom needs to collect taxes from the citizens, and yours is no exception. You’ll start out by collecting taxes from the houses you build for Yvette and Raphael. Later, you can add more buildings to your kingdom, such as cottages. These provide you with a steady source of coins.


Hey, it wouldn’t be a Zynga game without farming! Farms and crops have played an important part of every ‘Ville game since FarmVille debuted. In CastleVille, you can plant and harvest many different crops. A new concept is irrigation: if you place your farm plots near water, they will be irrigated and the crops will grow faster. Irrigation and farm plot placement will be an important strategic element of the game as you expand your kingdom.

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