tabac pêche a belleville sur meuse Want to get ahead in Candy Crush Saga? Follow these simple tips, hacks and cheats to get the extra edge in the game. Note that some of these tips only work on the mobile version (iOS and Android) of the game and not the Facebook version.

Get Free Extra Lives in Candy Crush Saga

drap stavanger trebarnsmor siste nytt see Burn through your five lives too quickly? Don’t want to spend $0.99 to buy more or wait for your friends to send them to you? You’re in luck if you’re playing on a mobile (iOS or Android) version of the game. Using a neat trick to reset your device clock, you can get unlimited sets of extra lives for those extra-difficult levels. Facebook players won’t be able to get multiple lives, but there is a very simple and clever trick to get at least one extra life in the game. Want to know the secrets? Check out our Guide for Extra Lives in Candy Crush Saga.

Reset Your Game Board

justin theroux and jennifer aniston This tip works for the mobile (iOS/Android) versions of the game. On any normal (untimed) level of Candy Crush Saga, you can reset the board before you make your first move and not lose any lives. If you don’t like the initial setup, this is a good way to re-shuffle the candies and have a better chance for success. This trick will come in extremely handy in the later levels, when the initial board setup can really make the difference. To do this, simply tap to return to the main menu before you make a move and then click on the level again. You’ll be back with a new board and won’t have expended a life. Neat!

Keep an Eye Out for Special Candies jeremy corbyn polls This is just a general rule for playing the game. Always be on the lookout for the opportunity to combine more than three candies of the same color to make a special candy piece, such as a striped candy, a wrapped candy, or best of all: a color bomb. Remember the below combinations for success!

  • Four candies in a row – striped candy
  • Five candies in a row – color bomb
  • Five candies in an L or T shape – wrapped candy

Combine Your Special Candies dean pre debut On the more difficult levels, it’s not enough to merely create special candies. You need to make several (often of different types) and then set up your moves to create combos. A striped plus a wrapped candy creates a devastating giant candy that will sweep three rows and columns away at once. A striped candy plus a color bomb will often clear the entire board in a single move. Combos of special candies are extremely powerful. Create them whenever you see the opportunity!

Take Out the Blockers

parquet d versailles In many levels, there will be blocking pieces, such as the chocolate or licorice pieces. In most cases, the best strategy is to eliminate all of these obstacles first. A notable exception is when you have a chance to create a special candy, but otherwise when you’re playing on a board with obstacle pieces, take them out immediately and then proceed with your main goal.

Ignore the Suggested Moves

rascal red clothes If you don’t make a move for a while, then the game will suggest one by flashing pieces. It’s tempting to make that move, especially if you’re having difficulty finding one. But don’t let the game rush you! It’s picking an available move at random–it’s not necessarily the best one. Take your time, identify all the possible moves, and then make your choice. Unless it’s a timed level, patience is on your side. maan ziggo dome

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