hvor trenger man pass link Now that you have completed Level 40, you have good experience with the game and now its time for things to get a bit more tricky. However, following the tips, techniques and strategies mentioned here can help you overcome the game boards with ease. So let’s dive into Candy Crush Saga levels 41-50!

Level 41

http://pocketdraw.xyz/2018/08 grace jones north sea jazz Level 41 allows you to make 30 moves and the main aim of this level is to remove all the jellies and also score 50,000 points. The important tip for this level is; clear the corner pieces whenever possible. Use wrapped and striped candy combos to remove the jellies faster. You must focus on removing the jellies in the corner whenever possible. This is the trickiest part of the game as candies may end up falling next to it. It is better not to wait till the end as it may take many tries for you to get the right candy to make the match.

Level 42

http://intoactive.space/2018/08 vliegen naar ivoorkust Level 42 is another level where you need to bring all the ingredients to the bottom to win. The main aim of this level is to bring two onions and two cherries to the bottom under 50 moves. The best way to beat this level is by focusing on the caged candies. There are 9 caged candies at the bottom also some other caged candies in V shape. All the 4 candies don’t come to the bottom at the same time and hence it is better to clear the cages to make way for the candies. The best way to bring the candy one row down within a single move is by creating special striped candies in vertical. On the whole, clear the caged candies in the first 20 moves and concentrate on the ingredients in the rest 30 moves.

Level 43

http://meanpull.live/2018/08 roger the kangaroo In level 43 you need to make 160,000 points under 30 moves. The best way to win this level is by balancing the moon scale carefully. If the moon scale is balanced, two colors of candies will be removed from the board during the moon struck. It increases the chances of creating special candies and eventually increases the overall points. The only aim of this level is to score more points and it is better to concentrate on getting points alone. Once all the moves are over, you get a sugar crush bonus. These bonus points can’t be got by creating special candies and not playing them towards the last few moves, as they can fetch more points during sugar crush bonus.

Level 44

hod report online The level 44 is similar to level 42 but with some additional difficulty. The main aim of this level is to score 78,000 points and bring 3 ingredients to the bottom under 50 moves. Some of the key areas of the board will be missing in this level. There are two challenges in this level. The first one is in clearing the cages and the second is getting the ingredients in the right places. Creating lot of special combinations is the best way to clear this level. The 5 in a row candy bomb is very useful in this level as it can clear the cages.

Level 45

digitalur med analog skive The main aim of Level 45 is to clear the centre jelly twice and you also need a score of 140,000 within 35 moves. It is not possible to clear the centre jelly with a normal match. The best way to clear the centre jelly is by matching a vertically striped column above or below it. You can also use a 5 color bomb to match the same color as in the centre square. Boosts such as lollipop boosts can also help to clear the centre jelly. The cage candies at the corner of the board are not be ignored as they prevent larger candy matches. So it is better to clear them whenever possible to increases the chances.

Level 46

role in sharepoint here The number of moves drastically reduces in Level 46 as you have only 15 moves to clear the level. The aim of this level is to clear all 9 jellies and score 20,000 points under 15 moves. The first step in level 46 is to clear the caged (X locked) candies and the meringue candies. Combining striped and wrapped candies can clear 3 rows in a single move. Striped and striped combos, striped and color bombs are also very good moves in this level. It is better to reset the board until you get a chance to clear striped candies.

Level 47

koop onder voorbehoud financiering This level is comparatively an easy level, as the target is 15,000 points in 40 moves. The only problem with the level is that, the candies are caged in such a pattern such that it is difficult to break them. A single big move can win this level. A color bomb can almost guarantee you a win in this level. Just aim for a color bomb or wrapped with striped candy to clear the level.

Level 48

jødenes hellige bok here In level 48 you have 35 moves to clear 21 jellies and score 70,000 points. Focus on the centre candy rather than the tempting ones near the corner. Always clear at the top of the centre candy, as clearing the lower part may ruin your chance of clearing good matches in the top. Once all the moves are over, jelly fish will be activated and you can score additional points.

Level 49

commune rurale cherche médecin visit In level 49 you need to bring two ingredients to the bottom and score a minimum of 20,000 points under 33 moves. The trick of this level lies in breaking the bricks. Focus on clearing the mearingues to clear the level. This will allow you to easily make special combinations with candy. It is not possible to bring the ingredients down without breaking the bricks and hence it is better to break them as early as possible.

Level 50

Level 50 is one of the trickiest levels in the entire game. You need to clear 33 jellies within 50 moves and also score a minimum of 33,000 points. There are several locked candies in the board and clearing them must be your first goal. The next important thing is to focus on special combinations with the candies. Candy packets do a lot of damage and combining them could clear almost 1/3 of the board in a single move. Don’t waste too many moves at the start of the game and you can succeed if you follow the tips mentioned here.