kick off meeting duden Here is the complete guide and walkthrough for levels 31-40 in Candy Crush Saga.

Level 31

markenidentität und markenimage click This is the 11th level under Juicy Jacuzzi and also the 16th jelly level under Dreamworld. In order for you to pass this stage, you must clear 14 jelly squares and garner a score of at least 15,000 points without exceeding 30 moves. Using less than 30 moves will also allow you to activate the Jelly Fish eating candies, thus giving you additional points. hankehøj ved vallekilde The strategy for this stage is for you to:

  • Use your Moon Struck wisely depending on the stripe-colored candies or the color bombs for you to win.

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Level 32

sanji wanted poster here Level 32 is considered as the 12th level of the Juicy Jacuzzi and the 17th level of the Dreamworld. Getting through this part of the game will require you to score for at least 80,000 points cleaning 41 jelly squares with only 25 moves. Adding to its difficulty, apart from the limited moves, is the awkward shape of the board that makes the sides and corners pretty hard to clear. sportslig utvalg lsk In order for you to finish this level, you must:

  • Break the Meringue to allow you to expand the board and craft combinations that will help you in clearing out the jelly.

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Level 33

styrte på engelsk As part of the Candy Crush Guide Levels 31 to 40, Level 33 or the 13th level of the Juicy Jacuzzi and the 8th level of the Dreamworld, will require the player to clear out 16 double jelly squares and gather 32,000 points in just 17 moves. In this level, even the powerful Moon Struck does not pose too much power. brøndum elektro viborg Winning this stage will demand you to:

  • Keep the Moon Scale balanced.
  • Try to avoid the lower board so you will not run out of moves.

Level 34 sniper elite 4 Of course, in order for you to move forward, this level must also have to be finished. And to do that, it will require you to bring down 4 cherries as well as 3 hazelnuts with 70,000 points within 30 moves. Although the odd shapes in this stage usually disappoint some players, you must be wise when resorting to the Moon Struck as it will help you in carrying this level a little easy. cher ange vous etes belle The strategies you may further use for you to finish this level may include:

  • Keeping an eye on the Moon Scale.
  • Focusing on the ingredients that are found on the shorter columns as they can easily fall down on the bottom rows.

Level 35

chevalier fabien et klervie montrouge check For this level of Candy Crush, you can only get through with it if you can collapse 72 jelly squares and garner a score of at least 130,000 points in just 50 moves. An added challenge to this stage are the bottom rows, which are harder to clear as well as the small spaces in the medium column that are frustrating to reach. However, if you make good combinations and take advantage of the Moon Struck power, then clearing out the bottom row would be a lot easier to do.

Level 36

douce beaute institut st maur des fossés check Furthermore, moving forward from this level to its succeeding would demand you to score at least 45,000 points using only 25 moves. With only limited moves, it can be quite hard to unlock the locked candies and meringue. However, focusing on clearing and collapsing these jelly squares will allow you to create special candies much easier.

Level 37 kontakte thunderbird speicherort If you can clear 23 jelly squares in just 30 moves and gather a score of at least 60,000 points, then you can move towards the next stage. However, the tricky part in this level is that the blockers at the start of the game can be really tough and challenging. asics tiger aaron For you to accomplish this level, you have to:

  • Use the Moon Struck after getting rid of the locked candies.
  • Create special combinations and cascades in order to help you clear out the jellies and meringue below.

Level 38

In level 38 of the Candy Crush, 40 jelly squares are required to be cleared and a score of 60,000 points within 30 moves must be reached. Its difficulty is also increased due to the limited space on the board making it a little harder to reach out for the meringue and the locked candies.

For strategies in this level, you may:

  • Always keep an eye on the Moon Scale.
  • Using stripe-colored candies, try to clear the locked ones and use the Moon Struck in order to create cascades and other combinations.

Level 39

You are almost done with the Candy Crush Guide Levels 31-40. For this 4th level of the Aurora Chocorealis also the 10th ingredients level of the Dreamworld, you must collapse 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts with a score of 40,000 points in 35 moves.

To get through this, you may:

  • Clear the locked candies on the bottom row and use vertically-positioned stripe-colored ones in collecting the ingredients.

Level 40

And for the finale of your Candy Crush Guide Levels 31-40, the player should be able to clear 33 jelly squares in 25 moves with a score of 70,000 points.

Technique here is to:

  • Whenever feasible, make matches on the left side in order to eliminate jellies.
  • You may also gain more spaces to make special candies by clearing out the locked ones.