valby bibliotek print here The next set of levels in Candy Crush Saga will introduce you even more new styles of boards and special pieces. You’ll be working through the bombe silicone tech 7 Candy Factory episode as you progress through levels 11-20 of Candy Crush Saga.

Level 11

elgiganten tilbud glostrup Candy Crush Saga Level 11

blacklist season 5 In level 11, you’ll get your first look at the ingredients levels. In this style of game board, the object is to move ingredients to the bottom of the board. You’ll be presented with a single cherry piece, which you need to move to the bottom by removing pieces below it through matches. You’ll also need to score at least 1,000 points and you have 50 moves to work with. Striped candies can be very useful for moving ingredients. If you can line up a vertical striped candy either above or below the ingredient piece, it will immediately drop down to the bottom row of the board.

Level 12

film nilens juvel check Candy Crush Saga Level 12

mission cyrus two there In level 12 of Candy Crush Saga, the goal is to move four ingredients to the bottom of the board and score at least 40,000 points in 35 moves. Again, make use of striped candies wherever possible for rapid movement of the ingredients. Also, due to the board layout, you’ll want to try to avoid moving the ingredients to the sides of the board, where there are less candies to make matches from. In other words, keep the ingredients in the middle of the board and you’ll be fine.

Level 13 pieds studio photo Candy Crush Saga Level 13

trekk marlin 7 We’re back to clearing jelly! In the thirteenth level of the game, your goal is to clear all 23 jelly tiles and score 23,000 points in 21 moves or less. At this stage, it’s important to focus on clearing the jelly tiles instead of going immediately for points. Set up your moves so that you take out at least 1-2 jellies per move in the beginning. Of course, if you have the opportunity to create a striped or wrapped candy, go for it, as both will be helpful in taking out several jelly tiles at once. In most levels from this point forward, you’ll have the most success matching matches towards the bottom of the board whenever possible, as those drag down all the tiles above, sometimes creating additional matches as they fall.

Level 14

kort hår 2016 Candy Crush Saga Level 14

tong picasso oorsprong view Level 14 is a very challenging jelly clearing level. Your goal is to remove all 45 jelly tiles from the board and score at least 45,000 points before you run out of moves. As always, your success will hinge on your ability to create striped candies and set up combos. Pay close attention to the jelly tiles in the corners, and take any opportunity you have to remove them early. These become very difficult to clear as you’re running out of moves. Again, it’s a good idea to “play from the bottom” of the board to maximize the chance for combos and additional matches as the candies fall.

Level 15 twilight alle teile kostenlos anschauen Candy Crush Saga Level 15

strædet kbh lukket butik boligindretning link It’s back to moving ingredients in level 15 of Candy Crush Saga. Here the goal is to drop 7 ingredients to the bottom of the board and score at least 70,000 points in 16  moves or less. Some general tips and tricks apply here. Work from the bottom of the board whenever possible, try to combine four candies in a line to get a vertical striped candy if possible, and take advantage of any combinations of special candy wherever you can (i.e., combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy or combine two striped candies).

Level 16

Candy Crush Saga Level 16

In level 16, the goal is to clear all 72 jelly tiles and score at least 75,000 points in 30 moves or less. You’ll need to make use of special candies to beat this level, so keep an eye out for opportunities to combine candies to form striped candy, wrapped candy, or ideally a candy bomb. Combine your special candies at every opportunity. A striped candy plus a color bomb will ultimately clear the most jelly at once.

Level 17

Candy Crush Saga Level 17

In level 17 of Candy Crush Saga, your objective is to bring down four ingredients and score at least 40,000 points in just 19 moves. There are a few special tips for this level. First, try to drop the ingredients on the outside columns first, as those will be harder to move as the level progresses. Form vertical striped candies whenever you get the chance, especially if you can place them in a row with an ingredient. See the chance to get five in a row? Take it! Color bombs will be extremely helpful in this level, especially if you can create a combo.

Level 18

Candy Crush Saga Level 18

In level 18 you have just 16 moves and you need to clear all 20 jellies on the board, while scoring at least 40,000 points. How do you do it? You have to be really good at spotting the opportunities to create special candies, combining them wherever possible. The standard match-3 moves aren’t going to cut it here. The good news? There’s a smaller number of colors on this board (just four), so the odds of getting four or five in a row are much higher.

Level 19

Candy Crush Saga Level 19

In level 19 of Candy Crush Saga, your objective is to clear all forty-three jelly tiles on the board while scoring at least 75,000 points in 35 moves or less. The challenge here is the corner jelly tiles. Don’t leave them to the end, or you’ll be running low on options. Try to get them early in the round or use striped candies to clear them out.

Level 20

Candy Crush Saga Level 20

You’re almost done with the Candy Factory episode. But there’s one nasty surprise waiting for you: a timed level! Yes, up until now you’ve had the luxury of planning out each move thoughtfully. Not this time! The goal of level 20 is to score 15,000 points or more in one minute. You have just 60 seconds, so don’t waste time. The key here is to move swiftly but not panic. Work from the bottom of the board whenever possible to maximize “turnover” on the game board and open up as many new moves as possible. Getting special candies here can absolutely help, but don’t waste too much time trying to set them up. You’re better going for straight match 3’s on the bottom of the board than taking too much time trying to set up a special candy at the top.

Well, you made it. This wraps up your visit to the Candy Factory and the first twenty levels of Candy Crush Saga. Now it’s time to visit Lemonade Lake and beat levels 21-30!