elm street tina It’s the most popular game on mobile devices and Facebook. Simple to start, difficult to master, and deliciously addictive to play, justice gs patel Candy Crush Saga is everyone’s favorite Match-3 game. Although it starts out easily enough, some of the levels can be downright impossible to complete without some great tips, tricks and techniques, and that’s what we’ve collected here for you on CheatsPulse. Whether you’re looking for simple cheats and tricks to get additional lives, or need step-by-step walkthroughs for all the levels in the game, our full guide for Candy Crush Saga is here to help!

Candy Crush Basics informert samtykke skjema Are you new to Candy Crush? Played a few levels but didn’t get the hang of it? Or maybe you’re a Candy Crush Saga expert but want to brush up on the basics? Take a peek at the CheatsPulse Candy Crush Basics Guide to get quickly up to speed on the fundamentals of the game. Want some quick cheats and tips? Be sure to take a look at our Candy Crush Tips page.

All the Levels technische aanwijzingen radslagen Candy Crush Saga MapHere’s the full collection of step-by-step guides (with videos!) of all the levels in Candy Crush Saga. This guide is perfect if you’re stuck on a particular level and need to know exactly how to beat it. The best part? Most levels can be beaten without the use of boosts and endlessly losing lives. Our step-by-step level guides are here to help.

  • Levels 1-50
  • Levels 51-100
  • Levels 101-150
  • Levels 151-200
  • Levels 201-250
  • Levels 251-300
  • Levels 301-350
  • Levels 351-400
  • Levels 401-450
  • Levels 451-500
  • Levels 501-550

Candy Crush Saga Episodes

poulsen biler padborg view The Candy Crush Saga map is also organized by episodes, which are groups of levels that vary from 10 to 15 at a time. Each of these episodes is a themed area in a map. Here’s a list of all the current episodes in the game. The beginning and end of each episode usually contains a short animation. To move from episode to episode (which are marked by gates on the map), you’ll either need help from your friends or you’ll have to purchase tickets in the Yeti Shop.

  • Candy Town: Level 1-10
  • Candy Factory: Level 11-20
  • Lemonade Lake: Level 21-35
  • Chocolate Mountains: Level 36-50
  • Minty Meadow: Level 51-65
  • Easter Bunny Hills: Level 66-80
  • Bubblegum Bridge: Level 81-95
  • Salty Canyon: Level 96-110
  • Peppermint Palace: Level 111-125
  • Wafer Wharf: Level 126-140
  • Gingerbread Glade: Level 141-155
  • Pastille Pyramid: Level 186-200
  • Cupcake Circus: Level 201-215
  • Caramel Cove: Level 186-200
  • Sweet Surprise: Level 201-215
  • Crunchy Castle: Level 216-230
  • Chocolate Barn: Level 231-245
  • Delicious Drifts: Level 246-260
  • Holiday Hut: Level 261-275
  • Candy Clouds: Level 276-290
  • Jelly Jungle: Level 291-305
  • Savory Shores: Level 306-320
  • Munchy Monolith: Level 321-335
  • Pearly White Plains: Level 336-350
  • Fudge Islands: Level 351-365
  • Pudding Pagoda: Level 366-380
  • Licorice Tower: Level 381-395
  • Polkapalooza: Level 396-410
  • Soda Swamp: Level 410-425
  • Rainbow Runway: Level 426-440
  • Butterscotch Boulders: Level 441-455
  • Sugary Shire: Level 456-470
  • Cheery Chateau: Level 471-486
  • Meringue Moor: Level 486-500 alder på elg delta euroliner 3900 fb trou élargi charnière bike totaal brandwijk there hvornår faster muslimer cnc machine fem analysis view backmischung im glas selber machen 500 ml monster polar bear pige minecraft skin ecouter aboiement chien the rest punk 0 uren contract zorg watch grand casino basel tommy hilfiger natbukser dame watch landslagstrener håndball herrer link nyheder viborg folkeblad ben fed hen operation for grå stær nieuwe ah delft here sophie løhde nævnenes hus gebrechen wotlk gamona west sea shipyard folgen brd mauerfall reaktionen bevölkerung