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solange es menschen gibt ganzer film deutsch 0 remembering the man stream Medals have come to Cafe World and they open up some new possibilities for advancement and achievement in the game. Unlike Cafe Points and Coins, which you accumulate through preparing dishes, Medals reward some of the more off-beat things you can do in the game. Currently, there are about 10 medal categories, and you can earn up to four levels of medal in each one. The medals come in four basic levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Royal dharamsala india map Each level gets progressively more difficult to earn in each category and gives out better rewards. You earn coins and cafe points with each medal. Bronze medals reward 100 coins and cafe points. Silver gives you 300 coins and cafe points. Gold rewards you with 500 coins and cafe points. The final medal in each category, royal, has a reward of 1000 coins and cafe points! Going for medals early in the game can be a profitable undertaking. In theory, you can currently earn 19,000 CP and 19,000 coins from all the medals. While the coin rewards aren’t that impressive, the CP can be highly beneficial at the earlier levels. amat victoria curam vertaling The ten medals available right now are in these categories:

  • Adding Neighbors
  • Earning Coins
  • Helping Friends
  • Spending Coins
  • Serving Food
  • Getting Gifts
  • Spoiling your Dishes
  • Decorations Owned
  • Owning Items for Your Avatar
  • Serving Food on Consecutive Days

stellplatz wohnmobil erfurt The last one is probably the most difficult because if you miss a day of serving food, the counter resets. This should not be a problem if you have a large cafe with dishes constantly in production, but beginning cooks may have trouble unless they actually log in to play every day.

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