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animals of the mythologies watch Cafe World is an incredibly fun game on Facebook. One of the best things about the game is that there are tons of different recipes that you can prepare in your cafe. Of course, in addition to the recipes themselves, the rewards for each are varied. Each one provides different cafe experience point (CP) and coin rewards. So what should an enterprising chef focus on to quickly gain levels? As with a lot of things in Cafe World, the answer is it depends.

regel eller regel The first question you should ask yourself is how often you’re willing to return to your cafe on any given day. There are many very short-term recipes in your Cafe World cookbook, like the popular Bacon Cheeseburger, which only takes 5 minutes to prepare. In general, these short-term dishes return the highest rate of coins and XP per hour, but only if you’re able to keep up the pace of serving and preparing more dishes every few minutes. For those who only want to log into the came every few hours or so, or even just once every day, there are still plenty of options available. Here’s a look at the best recipes to focus on for both short- and long-term cooking times if your primary goal is to earn Cafe Points and advance in levels quickly.

Best Short Term Recipes

hvem får børnepenge there If you’ve got the time to invest in keeping your cafe running, the best recipes for earning CP are all very short-term. The top earner is no surprise, it’s the famous Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s the very first recipe you learn to prepare in the game. You get 3 CP for preparing it, 3 more CP for serving it and 1 CP for cleaning the stovetop. That’s a total of 7 CP in just five minutes, or 84 CP per hour. Only the relatively new Hotdog and Garlic Fries recipe can match it, but that recipe doesn’t become available until level 45. Of course, it’s not a good choice if you can’t be in front of your computer constantly playing the game, so here’s a more complete list of “short term” recipes, ranked by CP/hour and with details on how much time each takes to prepare.

Rank Level Required Recipe CP/hour Cooking Time
1 1 Bacon Cheeseburger 84 5 minutes
2 45 Hotdog and Garlic Fries 84 5 minutes
3 23 Chicken Gyro and Fries 84 10 minutes
4 3 Chips and Guacamole 80 3 minutes
5 43 Powdered French Toast 63 20 minutes

ryan gill primitive Although Powdered French toast ranks fifth on the list, it’s a great option for players later in the game because you only need to return to your cafe every 20 minutes to serve the dishes instead of every 3-5. Lower level players who want a slightly less crazy pace should try serving the hotel hvidbjerg strand go Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail. It delivers only 42 CP/hour, which is less than half of the Bacon Cheeseburger, but it only requires return trips to your cafe every 30 minutes. It’s still a short-term recipe, but a lot less manic!

photoshop cc free Getting ready for a powdered french toast breakfast.

Long Term Recipes

city center dubai link Can’t bear the thought of sitting for hours on end in front of your computer to level up in Cafe World. As much as we love the game, neither can we. That’s why we’ve also prepared a list of the best long-term recipes for leveling up. Here’s a selection of the best recipes to prepare if you’re only going to log into the game once every few hours. They earn a lot less CP/hour but are much more convenient for those of us who can’t spend every waking moment in our cafes.

Level Required Recipe CP/hour Cooking Time
54 Shu Mai Dumplings 26 6 hours
56 Lavish Lamb Curry 25 8 hours
52 Delicious Chocolate Cake 19.5 14 hours
35 Overstuffed Peppers 17.17 12 hours

You probably have noticed that the above recipes are all suited to higher level players. Here’s a selection of long-term recipes that low-level cooks can use.

Level Required Recipe CP/hour Cooking Time
1 French Onion Soup 15.25 4 hours
11 Spaghetti and Meatballs 1.5 8 hours
1 Triple Berry Cheesecake 11.67 12 hours
7 Savory Stuffed Turkey 9.8 22 hours

Of course, there are plenty of options and part of the fun of Cafe World is experimenting with different recipes and cooking times to see what works best for you. But if you’re looking for the best way to maximize your Cafe Points per hour, stick with the above charts. Happy cooking!


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