How to Beat the First Three Chapters in Star Wars Commander

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nog harder lopik OK, we have to admit that the first three chapters in the Star Wars: Commander single-player storyline are pretty easy. They are essentially tutorial levels that introduce the various aspects of gameplay.

dana choga swiggy You should be able to progress through them with relative ease, but there are a few stumbling blocks early on for some players. Here is a brief overview of the first three chapters along with some tips and tricks on winning some of the tougher missions. There are some minor naming differences depending on whether you’ve chosen to play the Rebel or Empire side, but generally the missions are exactly the same.

live tv live Note that once you earn three stars in a mission, you cannot replay it.

Chapter 1 – Humble Beginnings

anniversaire enfants mc do watch There are three missions in this routine and simple tutorial that takes place on Tatooine. You’ll be guided through the steps and are all but guaranteed to complete this with Chapter Mastery (3 stars for each mission) on your first run-through. Here are the missions in this chapter:

  • arrest hofland hennis go Humble Beginnings I
    Recently, locals have come under attack by Womp Rats, a desert pest. Take some Rebel Soldiers to their nests and destroy them to prevent further attacks.
  • standesbeamtin cornelia barkawitz Humble Beginnings II
    The Womp Rats have been traced to a small outpost in a rock strewn canyon. Destroy 25% of buildings for 1 star, 50% for 2 stars, and 100% for all 3 stars!
  • modernismens fremvekst etter krigen click Humble Beginnings III
    A well defended enemy base has been uncovered. Destroy 25% of buildings for 1 star, 50% for 2 stars, and 100% for all 3 stars!

fornuft og følelse aarhus When you achieve 3 stars on all three missions, you’ll earn a Mastery Reward of 5 Crystals.

réussir grande culture view Chapter Notes: As noted, these are very easy missions and if you follow the tutorial instructions, you should finish with 3-stars in each. Automatic mastery reward! Woo-hoo!

Chapter 2 – Under the Twin Suns bestefar og jeg Things get a little more interesting in Chapter 2, which contains six separate missions, all taking place on Tatooine.

  • Under the Twin Suns I
    Tatooine is a dangerous place and your base will need to be defended against inevitable attacks. Walls are a good defense, so have at least 25 total Walls in your base.
  • Under the Twin Suns II
    Your base is about to be attacked! Protect your HQ with strategic base layouts, and use the Strix to target large groups or particularly dangerous enemies.
  • Under the Twin Suns III
    You’re going to need a larger deployable army size to take on stronger threats. Tap on your Unit Transport and select Upgrade. Have at least 1 Level 2 Unit Transport to complete this mission.
  • Under the Twin Suns IV
    The mercenaries who attacked you have been located! Take a force of troops and attack their base! Destroy the HQ for 1 star, 50% of the base for 2 stars, and 100% for all 3 stars!
  • Under the Twin Suns V
    Credits are essential for training troops, buying vehicles, and paying heroes. Have at least 2 Credit Markets in your base to complete this mission.
  • Under the Twin Suns VI
    The mercenaries have a second, stronger base. Attack this base! Destroy the HQ for 1 star, 50% of the base for 2 stars, and 100% for all 3 stars! clinique a aix en provence When you achieve 3 stars on all six missions, you’ll earn a Mastery Reward of 10 Crystals.

stiftung gemeinsam helfen here Chapter Notes: This chapter is all about teaching you base building and layout basics. The attack in Mission 2 is a bit of a joke, and since you already built up some walls in Mission 1, you should be able to survive without any problems. After that, it’s mostly about building up your base and running a pair of attacks.

Chapter 3 – The Sacred Waters

bigge hot tere video hindi song You’ll be taking on plenty of Tusken Raiders (also known as Sand People) in this 6-mission chapter.

  • markenidentität und markenimage The Sacred Waters I
    Given recent events, it’s obvious Tatooine is a very dangerous place to operate. You can support 2 turrets per HQ tier. Have 4 total Turrets to complete this mission.
  • sniper elite 4 The Sacred Waters II
    Scouts report an incoming attack! Remember: target large groups of enemies with the Strix, and it will strafe their location.
  • skave maskinstation facebook The Sacred Waters III
    Factories produce powerful Imperial war machines that can turn the tide of many battles. Have a Factory in your base to complete this mission.
  • grand frank montpellier The Sacred Waters IV
    Moisture farms are a fixture of Tatooine, and a common target for the aggressive Tusken Raiders. Take some troops and defeat the Tuskens at the farm.
  • haltbachkeit krabben salat The Sacred Waters V
    For some buildings, like Credit Markets, upgrading increases the amount of resources they can generate. Have 2 Credit Markets at Level 2 to complete this mission.
  • signes grossesse chat view The Sacred Waters VI
    Tusken Raiders operate out of enclaves deep in the desert. The enclave responsible for the recent attacks has been found, and it falls to you to attack it and end this Tusken threat. mama ich bin nicht mehr klein When you achieve 3 stars on all six missions in this chapter, you’ll earn a Mastery Reward of 15 Crystals.

troubles spectres autistiques Chapter Notes: Again, this chapter introduces you to additional areas of base building, notably around the importance of Turrets and keeping your economy thriving with Credit Markets. There’s an attack on your base in Mission 2, but since you’ll have 4 turrets in place from Mission 1, and plenty of Walls from the earlier Chapter, you should be in good shape to survive. One strategic note: try to mix up your Turrets by having two laser turrets and two mortar turrets. Make sure they’re protected by your walls, and you’re golden. jeux de moto iphone The other tactic demonstrated in this chapter, is proper use of your Strix strafe. Don’t waste it! On defense, wait until large groups of attacking enemies have grouped together (usually when they reach one of your buildings) or save it for the tougher hero characters that appear from time-to-time. When attacking, the Strix is great for taking out enemy turrets that are protected by walls (especially Mortars!)


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