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photo façon fusain visit First step is to go to the homepage, when you click “Play video tour”, it will show you how to adopt a monster. brian lindholm jensen Adopting a monster

Click on the sign in/adopt a monster. You can see the six monsters and just roll over them to check out their names and how they sound. After you made your choice, you will need to pick colors for your monster. This will be your monster permanent color but if you are going to be a member, you can change the color of your monster at the places like colorama and can get free rox.

Next step is to fill the information needed and confirm your email and then go back to the homepage and log-in. After you have log in, you’ll be outside your monster house. Give your monster a name and then fill other information and then you will be taken inside its house.

How to earn Rox?

Rox is a virtual currency used in Moshi Monsters to purchase food, clothes, or home decorations for your monster. If you don’t have it, well you can do anything about your monster. So here’s the many ways on how to earn it!

You can earn rox by playing on the Puzzle palace. Click on the puzzles button on your home to get into this place. You decide whether to play on the daily challenges or the hall of puzzles. Daily challenges can be played once a day and it is a combination of questions that came from the hall of puzzles different divisions. The rox you will earn depends on your score during the game. While the hall of puzzles have variety of games to choose and can easily earn five rox for each game you play.

Also you can go to your map on the Monstro City and play around. You can go to the Main Street on the Flutterby Field and catch butterflies or you can go to Ooh La lane and go to the Ice Scream store to serve some ice cream on customers.

Taking care of your Monster and making them Happy

One of the things to make your monster happy is to feed them because if not its health bar will tend to go low and will sulk. You can view your monster favorite food on the profile section on the left side bar; surely it will add happiness to them when they eat it. Now that you have rox, you can buy them food on the Gross-ery Store on the Main Street. Another way to make it happy is Tickling. You can tickle your monster when you are inside its room and just see its mood or happiness score also in the left side bar.

Customizing your Monster Clothes and its House

To buy clothes for your monster, you can go to the Sludge Street and go to the Marketplace. After you had its clothing you can go to the Dress Up room where you can customize it. Just click and drag the clothes you want your monster to wear. Now to buy home decorations, furniture and other stuff for your monster’s house, you can go either to the Main Street or to the Sludge Street. You can buy things on the DIY shop, Yukea or Bizarre Bazaar.  And then check out that stuff you bought on the chest or the inventory where they are being kept. Pick any of that stuff like furniture and just drag it to the place you want. Decorate its house well to make it happy.

Now you know all the basic things on how to play the game, start to adopt your monster right away and discover more things on Monstro City here at Moshi Monsters. Enjoy playing! 🙂


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