4 Attack Strategies to Win Battles in Rival Kingdoms

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date abend frankfurt there http://hammerproblem.live/2018/08 vandkulturhus valby åbningstider Rival Kingdoms from Space Ape is a fun new multiplayer strategy game for iOS and Android. In this game, which is a bit of a Clash of Clans meets Game of Thrones affair, you build up your own stronghold and kingdom and then do battle with other players. Although there is a single-player campaign available, most of the action takes place in simple player vs. player combat. Knowing some basic attack strategies in Rival Kingdoms will help you get farther faster. Which units should you employ in your attacks? What Ancient should you use to cast spells? It all depends on your style, but here we’ve collected some basic attack strategies to get you going.

Low Level Attack Strategies (Up to Stronghold Level 4)

garantie bijoux victoria In the early stages of the game, most of your attacks are going to happen with just two units: Soldiers and Wardens. Soldiers are your basic infantry and Wardens provide a powerful ranged attack with their crossbows. Both of these units are very flexible and adaptable to most battles. There are just two things to remember:

http://exercisegrass.space/2018/08 zaal plafond versiering 1. Keep your soliders away from Spell Towers
2. Keep your Wardens away from Catapults

http://paintcare.life scrambled eggs recipe Soldiers are weak against Spell Towers and won’t last long if they get near them. Wardens are likewise weak against Catapults and other units that cause splash damage. Of course, once the battle starts, you can’t directly control your units, but you can get everyone off to a good start.

klagenævn for udbud view In the very early stages of the game, you might find that going with an all-Warden attack works best. This is a great technique when you’re attacking a base that has surrounded its Stronghold completely with walls. In this case, it helps to spread your Warden squads out and have each one attack a different defensive tower.

rigdom har jeg ej Does your enemy have absolutely no walls between you and his Stronghold? Although this is a rare base setup, you can take advantage of your enemy’s stupidity with an all-Soldier attack. Deploy them far away from any Spell Towers.

Enter the Mana Hunters

http://outsidecome.download merck manual pdf Once you’ve upgraded your Barracks, you’ll gain access to Mana Hunters, which open up a whole new set of strategies in the game. Mana Hunters are winged flying units with a versatile airborne attack. One nice feature of Mana Hunters is that they cause buildings to release extra mana when destroyed, which allows you to use your Ancient’s abilities more often in battle.

The key to Mana Hunters, of course, is that they are flying units. This means that walls won’t stop them. If your enemy has his Stronghold behind a wall, Mana Hunters can be an excellent way to quickly take out the base. Because Mana Hunters help you accumulate mana quickly, they’re best used with Sulric’s Fire Elemental Summoning spell. Essentially, your summoned elementals serve as the infantry while the Mana Hunters attack from range.

Which Ancients to Use for Low Level Attacks

Ahhh, Ancients. So powerful and varied and yet so confusing at the same time. Each Ancient brings a different set of powers and therefore a different set of battle strategies to employ.

In the beginning of the game, you get one (and only one) Ancient: Sulric. His summon fire elemental spell is the most useful in the early levels, and should be used over his Rain of Fire spell. Basically, you want to resist casting spells right away and wait until you have accumulated enough mana to summon an elemental. Remember that Sulric’s elementals ignore zone restrictions and unlike other units, can be released anywhere on the map.

After you start earning Relic chests (won from getting win streaks of 4, 8 and 10 battles), you’ll start to unlock new Ancients. Of course, which Ancient you get is up to luck, but some of the more common Ancients you’ll find are:

  • Lyris (Lightning)
  • Kestra (Nature)
  • Nyrax (Death)

Any of these three are worthy substitutes for Sulric, however once you decide with Ancient to go with, stick with him or her until you’ve leveled your Ancient up to the highest level possible. The more powerful your attacking Ancient is, the more success you’ll have in putting together lengthy winning streaks, which in turn unlock more powerful rewards and give you access to some of the Rare Ancients. One good technique in the early stages of the game is to use your lower level Ancients in the first few battles of a win streak (typically 1-3) to “level them up” and then to go with Sulric for the rest of the streak.

In fact, this approach to leveling up your Ancients is a useful technique to use at all stages of the game. Spread some win love amongst your different Ancients in the early part of the streak and then bring out your best Ancient to take it as far as possible.

What Troop Composition Should You Use?

In the early levels, there’s not much choice and your options are pretty limited. You’ll be attacking primarily with Soldiers and Wardens for a while, often replacing Soldiers with Maulers and Wardens with Mana Hunters when the situation requires. But in general, you should almost always have 1-2 “tank” units (Soldiers, Maulers) and 1-2 Ranged Attack Units (Wardens, Mana Hunters). Beginning at Stronghold Level 7, however, things begin to change due to the arival of Paladins.

Paladins are an important unit in the game because they provide healing. Once you unlock them at Stronghold Level 7 (and they should be your top priority to unlock once you reach that level), you should fill one of your troop portals with them. Since at this point you’ll have just four troop portals, a good attack combination is:

  1. Maulers or Soliders
  2. Wardens
  3. Wardens
  4. Paladins

The Paladins are always deployed after the Wardens, so that they provide healing support.

There you have it: everything you need to know to get started with attacking in Rival Kingdoms!


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