8 Beginner Tips for Boom Beach

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sophie turner weight loss link New to Boom Beach? Here are some great tips and tricks for beginners to this new mobile game from SuperCell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

Look Before You Leap

http://carelessbranch.live/2018 eau bar mumbai maharashtra Always use the Scout button to view your enemy’s base before attacking. Even though it’s fun to send the troops rushing in, just spending a few moments reviewing the base before you attack can reveal critical holes in the defense. Click on your enemy’s defensive structures to see their range and see if you can spot some avenues of attack that will minimize damage to your troops. Remember that in World War II, officers would spend weeks (and sometimes months) analyzing defensive positions before mounting an attach. In Boom Beach, a mere minute of analysis can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Attack While Building

http://prisonway.live distanser i nautiske mil Pretty soon, the upgrade time for your buildings is going to be substantial, often two hours or more to complete an upgrade. The best thing to do while you’re waiting for a building upgrade to complete is to keep attacking other bases, both against Blackguard controlled villages, and those villages occupied by other players. Attacking and defeating enemy islands is the fastest way to stockpile resources in Boom Beach.

Go Paul Bunyan on Those Trees

http://andsteam.live/2018 vakantie fontys tilburg When you first start playing the game, you’ll see that your island is covered with trees and rocks. You can immediately start clearing those trees for lumber. Another benefit is that cutting down as many trees as you can clears the way for more buildings and defensive structures for your island. Don’t be shy with that axe in the beginning stages of the game!

Keep Upgrading Your Buildings

sol in du result see In the early stages of the game, it’s critical to keep upgrading your buildings, especially your defensive structures and your headquarters. Otherwise, you’re prone to easy attacks from other players, which can be devastating on your resource supply. To be more blunt, all your resources will be stolen if you can’t defend your island. Try to focus on your HQ as much as possible. Upgrading it to level 5 or higher unlocks several more buildings and will help you round out your defenses.

Use Your Radar

verdenskartet fyll inn check At the beginning of Boom Beach, most of your map is shrouded in fog. You can pay gold to expose the unexplored areas. This is an excellent investment, because once you conquer the newly exposed islands, they’ll provide a steady stream of gold for your coffers. When you run out of areas to explore, it’s time to upgrade your radar and expand your empire!

Use Those Flares

expertisecentrum uniek kindercoaching Your Gunboat comes equipped with a flare, which is one of the most useful items in the game. With it, you can direct your troops to attack a specific building or rally at a certain point on the map (often somewhere just out of reach of the defenses. With careful use of your flares, you can often navigate around certain defenses instead of trying to blast through them. Flares save lives!

Ammo – Use it Or Lose It

http://afternext.download/2018 réussir flocage chocolat blanc You start each attack with a certain amount of ammo in your Gunboat. As your troops destroy buildings, however, your Gunboat gains additional ammo. Remember to use it during the battle because it doesn’t carry over from battle to the next.

Pair Up Your Troops

jede differenzierbare funktion ist stetig Most beginning players use Riflemen exclusively, and it’s true that in the early stages of the game, an all-Rifleman army is a formidable force. That is, until you start encountering Flamethrowers, Machine Guns and Mortars. Ouch! A more nuanced strategy is to fill one gunboat with Heavies. Deploy your Heavies first, and they’ll soak up the damage, allowing your Riflemen more time to take down the defenses.

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