7 Killer Tips for Siegefall

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http://backchild.download atlantis quest online Siegefall, the new fantasy RPG battle game from Gameloft, is an Apple Editor’s choice on the Apple App Store. Whether you’re just checking it out for the first time or you’ve been playing it for a few days, here are some killer Siegefall cheats and tips to help you dominate in the game.

Play through the Story Chapters

http://discoverthink.life mandela tegninger wiki Hey, we know that Siegefall, just like every other game in this genre, is all about player vs. player combat. That’s what keeps it enjoyable and exciting.

http://darkgood.life/2018 grace wenzel berlin But before you rush into attacking everyone on your map, turn your attention to the single-player Story campaign, beginning with Chapter 1 (Queen Nor). You want to focus on these missions first, because doing so accelerates rewards and ultimately unlocks some pretty impressive heroes for you to bring into combat.

Completing each Story mission also provides you with significant experience (XP), which will help you level up very quickly.

Plus, the Story mode missions have a lot more variety and strategy than merely rushing to destroy your opponent’s keep.

Siegefall Chapter 1 Map

Play through all 25 missions in the Chapter 1 map to earn rewards and unlock Queen Nor as a hero.

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