6 Killer Tips for Rival Kingdoms

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One of the best things about Rival Kingdoms is that there are many different strategies you can employ to advance in the game. However, as with all games in the combat/strategy genre, there are always a few basic tips and tricks that will work in almost any situation. We’ve compiled some of the best ones right here. So sit back, take a peek, and prepare for awesome domination!

Tip 1: Use the First Few Battles in a Streak to Level up Weaker Ancients

Rival Kingdoms is first and foremost a game of streaks. When you’re battling it out in your player vs. player skirmishes, the rewards scale up very quickly as soon as you can put together a win streak. As the streak progresses, there’s a pretty clear incentive to use your strongest Ancient to help ensure victory. But if you’re always using the same Ancient in all your battles, you’ll never level up your other ones.

So the first tip is to always use your lower-level Ancients in the first few battles of a streak. Typically, it’s safe to use a low-level Ancient in the first 3-4 battles, and then you can bring out your highest level Ancient to take the streak as far as you possibly can.

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