Basic Steps on How to Play Moshi Monsters

  First step is to go to the homepage, when you click “Play video tour”, it will show you how to adopt a monster. Adopting a monster Click on the sign in/adopt a monster. You can see the six monsters and just roll over them to check out their names and how they sound. After you made your choice, ... Read More »

Introducing Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a new site of virtual world for kids of all ages that irresistibly fun and safe. They will surely love the adorable characters and will of course have lots of time for new discoveries. These days, we are looking for a safe online environment for our kids which Moshi Monsters fully provide. It is very safe because ... Read More »

CastleVille Royal Buildings Guide

Royal buildings are the key to expanding your kingdom in Castleville. If you are familiar with Zynga’s similar titles Cityville and Farmville, you know that there is always a certain breed of building that requires occupants, generates revenue, and allows you to expand your borders and conquer new land. In Castleville, they are royal buildings, and understanding them is paramount ... Read More »

CastleVille Exploration Guide

The main goal of CastleVille is to expand, build, and maintain your kingdom. The areas immediately surrounding your land are obscured by gloom, a fog-of-war type of system that makes it impossible to expand your kingdom without meeting certain requirements. Exploration is the process of choosing which tiles to un-gloom strategically and managing your resources properly to make the most ... Read More »

CastleVille Crafting Guide

What is Crafting? One of the most in-depth features of many Zynga games is the crafting system, and it has made a return in CastleVille. As you expand your realm and explore the medieval fantasy countryside, you will come across tons of items, resources, and goodies. You can combine these using special buildings and recipes into brand new items that ... Read More »